On a busy Saturday morning when the streets are bustling with people going to different places, a memorable celebration is about to take place at the Korean Cultural Centre of India (KCCI), New Delhi.


This event would mark the start of some great friendships and joyous moments to come for all the BTS ARMYs. It was planned to be the celebration of the group’s leader, Kim Namjoon’s and the group’s golden maknae, Jeon Jungkook’s birthdays.


So let’s go to the event and experience it together, shall we?




It is 11 a.m. when you enter the KCCI building bubbling with nervous excitement at the thought of celebrating your favourite artists’ birthdays with fans who you share common interests with. As you enter you are told to go to the basement auditorium which is going to be the venue for the event. You climb down the stairs and the first thing you notice are the cute Koya and Cooky stickers looking your way on the doors of the auditorium. This puts a big smile on your face too. You are finally about to enter the BTS world that awaits you behind those doors.


You walk up to the Auditorium’s door and are met by the 2 organizers, Lala and Lucy who welcome you with a smile, an event pass/memento and 2 photo cards, one of RM and one of JK.



Definitely going to put these up on my bedroom wall’, you think as you walk into the auditorium to find it packed with ARMYs, all displaying their different BTS merchandise with pride.


Some are wearing the BT21 hairbands, others wearing the BTS shirts, while some even conversing with each other in broken Korean laughing.

You look at the stage which has a banner saying ‘Happy JK and RM Day’ decorated with the cute Koya and Cooky drawings all around it.


It is everything you had imagined it would be.




When it is time for the event to commence, the organizers walk up to the stage and introduce themselves, before passing the mike around so that everyone present can do the same.


Uh-oh, it’s the part where my awkward self will definitely embarrass myself’ you think as you wait for the mike to be passed on to you.


Hence begin the introductions which are filled with a lot of awkward talking that somehow puts everyone on ease and sometimes even makes the room ring with laughter because ARMYs are just the cutest!


‘The performances are up next’, says organizer Lucy as soon as the introductions are over.


The first performance is on Mic Drop, a fiery song to set the event off to a fiery start!


With the center as Utkarsh, a fanboy who introduced himself as being married to Namjoon *don’t we all wish that xD*, and Meher and Viviana on the sides the energy they brought to the song pierces through the crowd hyping them all up instantly.




The second performance with dancers- Mariam, Shibani, Aditi, Molly, Anandita, Riya and Pari, starts off with the fan chants echoing in the auditorium. They dance to GoGo and perform the track nicely, including all its adorably goofy moves.




The third dance is on Boy With Luv which has everyone bouncing up and down on their seats.


The girl with the short hair in the front and center really has the moves down to the T, it truly is amazing’ is what passes your mind as you see the performers on the stage.




The dances are then put on hold as Vidya takes the stage and performs Serendipity and Promise by BTS’ Lil Mochi a.k.a. Jimin.


The melodic performance quickly draws you into the song as you find yourself waving your arms above your head and singing along.


She should definitely take part in the Changwon Kpop Festival next year’ you think, amazed by the wonderful talent she possesses.




The next performer that comes up on stage and sets it on fire is a solo dancer, Mishti who with her cheerful expressions and bubbling energy has the crowd and you singing along loudly to the tracks she performs on, Boy with Luv and Mic Drop.




Next up is a self- choreographed dance on Dream Glow performed by three great dancers- Aqsa, Ishita and Safiya. The beauty of the choreographed steps blows your mind and everyone else’s. You feel proud to be in a fandom that is so talented.




What comes next, moves many to tears while others are left feeling all kinds of way. It is the poems recited by 2 ARMYs on what BTS means to them that fills the room with such moving sentiments. Viviana recites a poem about her journey of discovering BTS and falling for them and Nabila recites one where she cleverly uses all the song titles to weave them into a stunning work.




With the ending of the recital and everyone brimming with emotions, Darshika takes the stage and dances to Cypher Pt 4 displaying raw power and talent. The highlight of her dance is the b-boying freeze step she pulls off so cleanly, it wows everyone.




The last performance is a solo one by a fanboy named Veshal and ‘It is definitely the best one of the day’ you think as it ends. Veshal dances to the track Fake Love. His moves are very clean and precise as he glides over the stage, never missing a beat.




With the performances over, the organizers now announce the start of the games.


The rules are simple. Everyone present will be divided into 7 blocks. There would be 2 rounds after which 7 winners will be awarded a special prize i.e. silver bracelets of different BT21 characters.


I am definitely going to win and get one of those’ you think as the competitive spirit in the room flares up.


The 1st round starts and one by one each of the blocks are called up on stage after which they are divided in two teams and play a team game, “The last person inline, guesses the name of the given object” kind of game.




The winning teams from the different blocks then enter the 2nd round where the team which guesses the most number of words in one minute as one of their members acts it out to them, wins.



After this final round is over, Team 6 wins the game with the maximum number of guesses-10 and all its members rush up on the stage to receive their prizes with faces glowing with joy.




Ahh, I couldn’t win one of those bracelets’ you sigh just as the organizers surprise you with another valuable prize to be won in the upcoming game- a BTS MAP OF THE SOUL: PERSONA ALBUM, that too a Jungkook version!


This announcement is met with a lot of cheering as the hope of winning the album courses through the audience too.


The game is again very simple. In the first round, the first person to raise their hand and guess the song correctly after the organizer Lala plays a one-second clip of the song goes to the second round.


The 8 selected winners of the 1st round are then called up to the stage. The 2nd round is a tough one. Lala would be reading the Korean lyrics of BTS songs and the person to guess the most number of titles would win.



Though tough, the beautiful thought behind the game was that Lala and Lucy wanted everyone to appreciate BTS not just for their looks and their dance moves but also for the message they wanted to communicate to the world through their songs.


The album finally finds its lucky holder as Monita wins the game with the most number of guesses. She smiles brightly as she receives her prize and runs to the back of the auditorium to show her friends the priceless prize she has just won.



With the games finished, everybody pushes the chairs to the corners and the auditorium is suddenly transformed to a dance floor with everyone jamming to the BTS songs playing over the speakers.


The cake is brought in and set on a table and everybody gathers around to sing a heart-warming song they practiced for these 2 stunning birthday boys. For the next 3 minutes or so, the lyrics of ‘I Know’ sung by all the ARMYs together are the only sounds heard in the auditorium.


This is followed by the cutting of the cake and distribution of food- different chips and soft drinks for everyone.


Oh my god, this cake is so gorgeous’ you think with a glass of Coca Cola in one hand.



An ARMY is suddenly crowded around by everybody and you move towards the crowd to see what it is all about. The sweetheart girl is actually distributing free BT21 bookmarks to everyone.


You somehow weave your way through the crowd and manage to get one of those bookmarks.


When you finally get a good look at it, you feel your heart melting with the cuteness of it.


These are the cutest bookmarks ever!’ you think as you smile goofily and look around.



Everybody is happily exchanging numbers, clicking pictures, thanking the organizers for this wonderful event and gushing over the photo cards and bookmarks they all received in these 4 hours of euphoria, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.


I am really thankful for BTS and all the beautiful experiences and people they have brought in my life’ you think as you join the other ARMYs in their activities.


This is the place you had been searching for, the place where you feel that you really do belong and it was all thanks to the 7 incredible humans that rule this world you just entered; it is the world of Bangtan Sonyeondan.



Writer – Ishika Rawat