Another year of a successful K-Pop Contest India 2018 wraps up! For those who don’t know, every year South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs organises the “K-Pop World Festival”, the winners from K-Pop contests held in various countries come down to Changwon, South Korea for the ultimate finale. That’s how the K-Pop contest India came into being in 2012 with the efforts of Korean Cultural Centre India and the powerful Indian K-Pop fans, it has been growing bigger with each year.



Last year I flew to Delhi from Pune to watch the finals (yes the love runs that deep), I was amazed by how I wasn’t alone but more by the fact that we were so MANY in number. It was a total K-Pop concert scenario with the lovely contestants’ and the talented boy group Lucente’s performances. This year I was prepared to have a good time, I mean I had had my first experience so was more calm, but as soon as I entered the Siri fort auditorium my mind was blown! Somehow the numbers had increased, chants were louder, the prep of the entire hall was magnified and it was then that I realised, K-Pop Contest India 2018 is going to be a turning point.

The event included winners from the 10 regions in India: Delhi, Mumbai, Patna, Kolkata, Manipur, Mizoram, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai and Odisha that is over 1200 participants in 532 teams had registered. 22 Teams and solo performers competed in the Delhi Final round of Vocal category and Dance category. South Korea’s Boy Group “SNUPER” were the judges for the finals in Delhi, they not only judged but also made the crowd go crazy with wonderful performances of their latest single “Tulips”. If you think that this event could not have been bigger well you are wrong, the biggest surprise was South Korea’s first lady Kim Jung Sook who graced the event with her appearance, she heartily enjoyed and cheered on everyone.


Finally the winners were announced: ‘Juchy’ from Mizoram placed 1st in the Vocal category and ‘We are Family Crew’ from Delhi in the Dance category. Both brilliantly talented will now represent India on the world stage that will be held in Changwon.

In conclusion to our event report: Yes, there were some problems with entries closing early due to security reasons which lead many fans to stand outside without the chance to attend, this was acknowledged and apologised by KCCI. But, on the brighter side the K-Pop industry saw the strength of fans in India like never before, we can only anticipate what K-Pop Contest India 2019 will look like.