If you follow us actively on our Instagram then you sure did get a sneak peek right?


If you’ve been wondering what are the winners of theis year’s KPOP Contest doing?

Let’s break it down for you!


Like every year 2019 saw a fabulous round up in Delhi with the star winners:

Harini in the vocal category and Lokalz Crew in the dance category.

Harini performed BTS’ Euphoria whereas, Lokalz crew gave a performance on EXO’s Love shot. Both had fans swooning and enthralled!


We recently caught up with both of them for a quick chat to share their Journey of South Korea trip!




KHigh: How does it feel to finally visit South Korea?

LC: We actually feel really blessed and happy after visiting, we had a lot of experiences and fun all together.


H: It feels amazing, I’ve dreamt of this for so long I really don’t want to leave!! I feel very happy and I’m trying to explore as much as I can:)



KHigh: What did you do during your trip? 

LC: We visited all the attractions and tourist places in Seoul city.
We went busking (public performance of EXO’s love shot) on Hongdae street which is one of the busiest markets in Seoul with youngsters and talented people all around you. And it meant a lot to us.



This is the first time that a team from India got so much attention in S. Korea.
We got a chance to work with ZanyBros (one of the biggest production & direction company in the world of K-Pop, South Korea).
We had a great opportunity that we got a chance to shoot a music video under them. The video will come out soon!


H: I’ve done a lot of sightseeing, and I’ve worked on a really cool project with Zany Bros:)) I can’t say what it is just yet but I’m hoping it’ll come out in a few days!






KHigh: How did it feel to know KAI saw your video?

LC: Actually we don’t know whether he (KAI) saw our video or not but when Mr. Lucky the owner of Lucky India Seoul restaurant shared our talent via his Instagram story and he appreciated our team’s performance and he even tagged KAI (one of his very close friend ), we felt so emotionally uplifted that we shed tears of happiness all together with our team members.

Being in South Korea was the best thing for us.


H: I wasn’t technically in the video but I cried a lot that day, all of us did actually, the Lokalz crew have gone through so much and I was so happy they were finally getting everything they deserved, over the past few days I’ve gotten to know them and I’ve become friends with them, and they’ve inspired me so much! It was really funny actually, Kai is my bias from EXO and I LOVE HIM, so they thought I was crying cause I wasn’t in the video but when I told them I was crying cause I was happy for them a few of them started crying too haha, and on the bus ride home all of us were just crying cause we couldn’t believe what happened that day:)



KHigh: Any last comments on Korea, the trip & people you met?

LC: It’s a country of lights glam and beauty all around it. Best country to visit ever.
Also, we went to SM Town and we again did a performance a “K-Pop in public challenge” under the SM Town building and the reactions of the audience were so great. We were glad that the locals liked our talent and appreciated us.
We met the owner of NAMAS-K as well ma’am Keiko, she treated us so well she welcomed us with a warm and friendly heart we felt so glad that we met her!


H: I’m so happy I could get to know everyone, their stories are genuinely so inspiring and I’m just so happy. I hope we all get many many more opportunities, although I’m was in Korea, I’ve never felt more Indian. This trip has been a memorable one.




All pictures credit to Harini and LOKALZ CREW.