K-Pop: Demon Hunters

On March 9th, 2021 Sony Pictures Animation on Twitter announced the title of their upcoming animated movie as “K-Pop: Demon Hunters” with a chic, stunning graphic image. So, it’s official that the movie is currently being developed in the studios and has a reputed crew working on it. Along with the directors, Maggie Kang and Chris Appelhans, joining them is the renowned Oscar-winning producer Aron Warner.

From the left Maggie Kang, Chris Appelhans and Aron Warner

Maggie Kang who is an avid admirer of K-Pop is delighted to bring the plot to life, as the project is a tribute to her Korean heritage. The movie is set to have a perfect fusion of both the culture and modern Korean lifestyle. The fantasy-adventure-filled plot revolves around a glamorous girl group who lead an ambiguous life, where they balance their professional idol life and behind the scenes save humanity by fighting dangerous demons.

The details depicted by the teaser poster are immaculate and intriguing. We can see 3 alluring female idols on stage beautifully carrying the Korean theme in their modernized hanbok outfits. Adding to their magnetic aura they also have their very own unique weapons hidden behind them which tells us about their double identities. These details give us a gist about their charming and tenacious personalities. With Korean culture, lifestyle, and K-Pop coming into play, the audience can expect amazing tracks and appealing animations of fashion, food, and character designs as well.

Maggie Kang shared her joy of the news trending in her homeland and also excitedly shared a few fan arts of the upcoming leads from the movie.



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The anticipation of this phenomenal K-Pop X Fantasy Adventure crossover has got us all eager to look forward to the movie and the cast.



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