K-Pop Festival Mokkoji Korea India

Mokkoji Korea is a virtual festival that was launched in 2020 to promote Korean culture and the Hallyu Wave by roping in several artists and K-Pop groups. The 2020 version was held from October 2020 to January 2021 and roped in K-Pop groups like Super Junior, ONEUS, Teen Top, Golden Child and April. There were also fan meetings, contests, K-lifestyle talks, and Q&As with industry experts. More than 2 million people tuned in and now it’s coming to India in 2021!

For the 2021 version, the festival is focusing on Russia, India and Indonesia. The Russian events were held from September 6 to 12 with the likes of CIX, The Boyz and Lovelyz. The Indian edition will be held between October 4 to 10 and the Indonesian edition will be held from November 8 to 14. More K-Pop groups are also involved in the festival like Monsta X, Pentagon, Dreamcatcher, AB6IX and A.C.E.

India Schedule

India’s lineup includes none other than Monsta X, Pentagon and AB6IX. It also involves Indian personalities like Kamiya Jani, Debina Bonnerjee and Poonam.

4th Oct – Mini Talk with AB6IX

5th Oct – Mini Talk with Influencer Kamiya Jani

6th Oct – Mini Talk with AB6IX

7th Oct – Mini Talk with Actress Debina Bonnerjee

8th Oct – Mini Talk with Pentagon

9th Oct – Mini Talk with YouTuber Poonam

10th Oct – Mokkoji Live (talk show and performance)

AB6IX at 6 pm KST (2:30 pm IST)

Pentagon at 7 pm KST (3:30 pm IST)

Monsta X at 8 pm KST (4:30 pm IST)

While Mokkoji is focusing on Russia, India, and Indonesia, fans from all over the world can participate in the contests, events, fansigns, and as the live audience.

Other than live talk concertsmeet & greets and mini-talks, there will also be specially produced web drama ‘Mokkoji Kitchen’ airing every Monday, a webtoon ‘The first spring with you’ released every Friday on their website, and a webzine for this year. Contests, as well as games with missions, will be updated on Mondays with special prizes for the winners.

The events and contests can be accessed through Mokkoji Korea’s social media platforms like InstagramTwitter, and YouTube, and their website. One can apply to be selected for the fan meeting through Mokkoji Korea’s website. The fan meetings with artists, mini-talks with influencers, and the web drama will be released on Mokkoji Korea’s official YouTube channel.

Are you excited about Mokkoji Korea coming to India? Is your favorite act part of the lineup for the K-Pop festival? Let us know in the comments below.
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