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Dreamcatcher is a 7-member girl group consisting of Ji U, Su A, Siyeon, Handong, Yoohyeon, Dami, and Gahyeon that debuted in 2017. They quite recently came back with their 7th EP ‘Summer Holiday’ and the title track ‘BEcause’. As part of the summer release, they went a different route from the usual bright summery concepts with their signature eeriness.
Fans love their dark comebacks with trap-rock sounds along with their intriguing storylines as we saw in the ‘Dystopia’ series. They last came back with ‘Dystopia: Road to Utopia’ in January with intense tracks and experimental sounds. Well, they’re back again after seven months with ‘Summer Holiday’ that they released on July 30, 2021.
The EP is an amalgamation of fierce EDM-rock tracks like ‘BEcause’ to the cheery ‘Airplane’ and the jazzy b-side ‘Alldaylong’ which was made by Ji U and Yoohyeon. It is followed by the soulful ballad ‘A Heart of Sunflower’ which brings the dynamic EP to an end. It should also be noted that Siyeon worked on ‘BEcause’ and ‘Airplane’ while Yoohyeon participated in the chorus for ‘Whistle’. And KHIGH got the chance to interview them where the girls spoke about the album, future projects and their style of music.

Before we get into the interview, here’s a short message from Dreamcatcher to the readers of KHIGH.

Source: @hf_dreamcatcher on Twitter

KHIGH: Congratulations on your newest album ‘Summer Holiday’. We have to talk about the choice of the spooky but energetic title track for a summer release. What were your first impressions when you first heard the title track ‘BEcause’?

JI U: We immediately thought that it’s Dreamcatcher’s style when we heard the song. We could see ourselves performing it and we loved the eeriness the song gave off.

SU A: Also, the song made us think of a marionette and we felt that it would be a summer song that could be expressed in Dreamcatcher style. Every single part of the song kept lingering on our minds, so we wanted to record it as soon as we can.

KHIGH: If you could select any of the b-sides as the title track which one would it be and why?

SIYEON: I would choose ‘Whistle’. It’s a song that would make you think of summer nights. And I felt that this song could show a softer side to Dreamcatcher.

HANDONG: For now, it would be ‘Airplane’. It’s a genre that Dreamcatcher tried for the first time for a summer album. And it’s summer, so I thought this could also be a nice title track to the album.

Source: Dreamcatcher official on YouTube

KHIGH: The choreography for ‘BEcause’ was so cool with the creepy puppet-like moves. Were there any challenges while learning the dance? Which part is the highlight of the song?

YOOHYEON: Yes, there was a choreography that was challenging! It’s the part where I get lifted into the air. When we first practised, only one side of my leg used to get raised, but now I’m worried that I’ll hit the roof because I’m lifted so high.

DAMI: I think it was difficult for me to seem like a puppet during our choreography. It wasn’t easy because we had to hold this blank gaze but at the same time we had to look charismatic. And the highlight would be the bridge where SIYEON weaves her way through the members. And you’ll get the chills from seeing the rest of the members looking like broken puppets.

KHIGH: If you could switch your parts in ‘BEcause’ with another member, which member would it be and why?

JI U: I personally like my part the most…I even wished that I could have this part of the song when I first heard it, and I was extremely happy when I got to sing it!! I’m really happy and satisfied.

SU A: There’s a section of the song where the members lift YOOHYEON during the choreography. I had the chance to try her position during that choreography and it was so much fun. So I would like to pick YOOHYEON’s part to be lifted into the air again.

GAHYEON: I actually really like the choreography for my part hehe. I feel like I could show a variety of sides to me through my section of the song so I don’t think I would pick another members’ part.

Source: @hf_dreamcatcher on Twitter

KHIGH: There were a lot of references in the music video like ‘Snow White’ and the horror film ‘Us’. So, what inspired you while preparing for this comeback?

SIYEON: I feel like ‘Us’ gave us the biggest inspiration for this release. We even enjoyed watching the movie together! It really assisted us in many ways to express the eeriness, horror elements/references, and the doppelganger that we had included visually.

KHIGH: All of the members got to shoot in different areas of Yongma Land (the abandoned amusement park) for the music video. How was the experience? Are there any fun behind-the-scenes stories?

HANDONG: When we were filming the group choreography for the music video, there was this scene where we were filming under the bright daylight and on top of that we also had extra lights that were brought in as well. I remember the lights being so blinding that I had a very hard time keeping my eyes open. However, once we started filming, we immediately got our acting faces on and filmed that scene like a pro (we’re such pros)!

YOOHYEON: There is a scene in the music video where SU A is looking down on us from the top of a building. We laughed so much during this scene. It’s probably because we were going crazy but you’ll know what I’m talking about once you see the behind the scenes footage.

KHIGH: Last year’s ‘Dystopia: Lose Myself’ was also a summer release. So, how is ‘Summer Holiday’ different from ‘Dystopia: Lose Myself’?

DAMI: The difference between ‘Dystopia: Lose Myself’ and [‘Summer Holiday’] would be that they tell a different story. ‘Lose Myself’ is part of the ‘Dystopia’ series and it expresses the reality of haters online. However, our special album [‘Summer Holiday’] steers away from the main storyline and tells a story of Dreamcatcher’s own special and chilling summer holiday.

GAHYEON: It’s true that ‘Dystopia: Lose Myself’ was also a summer release, but the biggest difference would be that [‘Summer Holiday’] is a summer-themed album. From the music video shooting to the promotions, we felt the heat of our activities and the summer heat and it was hot! As this album is a special album that tells our summer story, we are back and better than ever.

Source: @hf_dreamcatcher on Twitter

KHIGH: Well, since ‘Summer Holiday’ takes a break from the ‘Dystopia’ trilogy, would you like to continue and explore that storyline or create a new one in your future albums?

JI U: Since [‘Summer Holiday’] was a special mini-album, you can think of it as just a special cruel short tale! You’ll have to wait and see how our new story unfolds, so please do look forward to it!

KHIGH: InSomnias love your dark concepts and the EDM-rock title tracks. Even for ‘Summer Holiday’, they were happy that you didn’t go with a normally bright, summer concept. Why do you think that is?

SU A: I think it’s because we stayed true to our colours and [‘Summer Holiday’] really captured Dreamcatcher’s style very well! There were many songs that had different vibes from what we usually do, so we had a lot of fun as well. Thank you for the love and support.

SIYEON: I think it’s because [‘Summer Holiday’] showed a summer that fits Dreamcatcher without losing our unique elements.

KHIGH: What kind of concept would you like to try next? Is there any genre of music that you all haven’t done yet that you would like to do?

HANDONG: I really love our concept and song right now but if I had to pick, I would like to try a song that’s very catchy.

DAMI: I’d prefer to keep the Rock genre because we can’t lose our signature sound. I’d like to blend Rock with other genres to create something unique to us.

GAHYEON: I’d like to keep the title song as Rock but possibly try hip-hop or acoustic for the b-side tracks in the album.

Source: @hf_dreamcatcher on Twitter

KHIGH: So, if you could collaborate with any artists from around the world who would you like to collaborate with and why? Any interest in the Indian music scene?

JI U: There are so many great artists that we would love to collaborate with, and we are always open to collaborations! So of course, if there is an Indian music genre or style that could blend with Dreamcatcher then we would love to explore the possibilities! We love exploring many different styles and genres and we look forward to working with many artists.

SU A: Regardless of genre, we would love to collaborate with artists from around the world to create a song that is unique to Dreamcatcher.

KHIGH: Some of the members took part in the making of songs like ‘Alldaylong’. Would the other members like to try writing song lyrics or producing music?

SIYEON: Of course, I would love to try songwriting or producing music. Maybe I’ll be able to do it one day and hope that day comes soon. I’ll do my best and please look forward to it!

YOOHYEON: From time to time, SIYEON and I used to produce some songs. As of right now, nothing is set in stone, but I’ll work harder than ever to produce a song that everyone could listen to.

KHIGH: Finally, any last word for your fans from all around the world?

HANDONG: Thank you for supporting us from afar. Please take good care of yourself during this difficult time and look forward to seeing us in person~ Love you.

We loved this rock-tinged album that showed us a twisted side to summer. Listen to their latest EP, ‘Summer Holiday’ on: Spotify | iTunes

Watch the music video for ‘BEcause’ below:

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