GWSN The Other Side Of The Moon Interview

GWSN is a 7-member girl group consisting of Seoryoung, Miya, Seokyoung, Anne, Minju, SoSo and Lena that debuted in 2018. They quite recently came back with their 5th EP, ‘The Other Side of the Moon’ and the title track, ‘Like It Hot.’ The album is about identity and different sides to oneself just like the moon. This was the first time the members participated in the song-making process with Lena and Seoryoung writing the lyrics. 

All of the tracks are quite different from each other, yet they all have a connection to the theme, just like all the phases of the moon. Running with this concept of the phases and the two main sides of the moon, we can divide the album into two parts. First, we have the intense side, full of EDM and dance-pop tracks like ‘Burn‘, ‘I Can’t Breathe‘ and the title track, ‘Like It Hot‘. The second half brings it a notch down without losing the energy, as the tracks are more groovy and jazzy like ‘e i e i o‘, ‘Starry Night‘ and ‘I Sing (lalala)‘.

With the release of the EP on 26th May, 2021, they’re finally back after a year and that too with member SoSo who couldn’t participate in their last album due to an injury. The comeback coincided right with their 1000 day anniversary too! And KHIGH got the chance to interview them where the girls spoke about the music-making process and the new side that they got to show in this comeback.

Source: @official_gwsn on Twitter

KHIGH: Congratulations on your newest comeback, and the single, ‘Like It Hot!’ Groos, your fans can’t decide which track was their favourite. What did you all think when you first heard ‘Like It Hot?’ Why was there a competition between ‘Like It Hot’ and ‘I Can’t Breathe’ for the title track?

GWSN: The hook was really catchy when we first heard ‘Like It Hot.’ The reason for the competition is because we had to make a choice between showing a new style of music with ‘I Can’t Breathe,’ or maintaining our colour with ‘Like It Hot.’ 

KHIGH: The beautiful album art for ‘The Other Side Of The Moon’ was designed by none other than Miya. Would the other members try designing? What about Seokyoung who has really improved her drawing skills during the pandemic?

Seokyoung:  I’ll try doing it if Miya can help me! I can’t do it on my own.

KHIGH: Along with ‘Like It Hot’ you guys got to perform ‘I Can’t Breathe.’ Which is your favourite b-side song from this album that you would like to perform at concerts and why?

GWSN: ‘Starry Night’ and ‘I Sing (lalala)’ because we didn’t have many opportunities to show Groos our singing stage and Seoryoung and Lena participated in the lyrics of the songs.

KHIGH: Your album title suggests that the other side of the moon has a unique and different side. So, what is something new and different that you all tried to show in this comeback?

GWSN: We showed new styles of clothes and makeup with ‘I Can’t Breathe.’ We also practised our facial expressions [for the stage].

GWSN The Other Side Of The Moon Interview
Source: @official_gwsn on Twitter

KHIGH: GWSN’s choreography formations and dancing is always so flawless and in sync, especially for ‘Like It Hot’ and the domino effect in the intro. Any tips for your fans who want to get into dancing or new dancers?

GWSN: Just enjoy what you are doing and remember! Practice never betrays you. We believe that you will do a great job.

KHIGH: ‘Like It Hot’s’ music video must have been fun to shoot. We heard about the speed-bump “accident” that made the car bounce. Are there any more such behind the scenes stories while shooting for the music video?

GWSN: There’s a scene where Minju takes a photo of us and we all had to smile. The laughter wasn’t just acting. We were really happy at that moment.

KHIGH: Your fanbase hails from all around the world. Any last words for Groos?

GWSN: Hi Groos! We really look forward to meeting you guys in person someday. Please stay healthy till then! We always love you!


We loved this dynamic EP full of bangers and soulful ballads that showed off the members’ range. Listen to their latest EP, ‘The Other Side of the Moon‘ on: Spotify | iTunes

Watch the music video for ‘Like It Hot‘ below: