The year of 2018 has been so GOOD for the KPOP scene in India, just looking back at it fills our eyes with sentiment.


So, here comes another treat 😉 the fresh and talented boy group that appeared in MIXNINE leaving judges & viewers in amazement for their skills considering their limitations on resources. – M.O.N.T is set to take the stage of Hornbill International Music Festival on 4th December ’18 in Agri expo, Dimapur.


Hornbill International Music Festival held in the state of Nagaland is one of the most prestigious music event witnessed in India, where music lovers and artists from all genres band together under one sky for 10 days straight. The organizers LiveNow Events under the patronage of the Nagaland government and the Music Task Force (MTF) recently released the statement making Desi KPOP fans jump in happiness.



M.O.N.T (Members Of the National Team)(몬트) consists of 3 members: BitsaeonRodaand Narachan. M.O.N.T are set to debut in 2019, under Fly Music Entertainment (FM Entertainment).


They are most known as the Mountain Trainees, since their agency is based in the mountains where they live and train.


MIXNINE Audition Clip


We’re not done yet; A special fanmeet with M.O.N.T is being held on the 6th December’18 in the Capital – Delhi, organised by Pink Box Events at the Korean Cultural Centre India.Check out the post below for more information:


Are you excited for this surprise visit of the boys to India? Let us know who is going to the festival and the fanmeet!