We were all hit by the recent sad news of passing away of everyone’s favourite Grandpa, “Grandpa Kitchen“.


Narayan Reddy “Grandpa Kitchen” made us all smile every day by his wholesome food and even more his wholesome heart. From serving us incredible food journeys to listening to him talk to us (viewers) was a wonderful adventure itself. On 27th October it was confirmed that grandpa had passed away.



With 6.16 million subscribers his following and love were not limited to India only. Just earlier today K-Pop Idol Somin, member of the South Korean co-ed group “KARD” posted a story paying her respect to Grandpa with a message in Hindi “धन्यवाद और धन्यवाद.में आराम करने के लिए प्रार्थना करूंगी” meaning “Thank you and thank you. I will pray that you rest in peace”.



This goes on to only show how small this world actually is and though divided by boundaries we are connected together, feel pain and happiness together.

We will miss “This is your Grandpa”.

Rest in peace❤️