K-Pop Coachella 2022

This year’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival 2022 seems to be like no other! The mega-event that took place across 2 weekends (April 15th -17th and April 22nd – 24th), was headlined by some of the biggest Western stars – Harry Styles, Billie Eilish, Ye, and Swedish House Mafia who staged one iconic performance after another.

However, flamboyant Coachella performances didn’t stop at just western acts this year. Owing to the record label, 88rising bagging a performance slot at the festival (the 1st record label to ever do so), 88rising’s “Head in the Clouds Forever” set brought forth for the world to see, the high caliber of Asian artists! With well-known performers like rapper Rich Brian, MILLI, Joji, Yeek AUGUST 08, Warren Hue, etc. showcasing Asian power, K-Pop and K-HIPHOP artists also joined in on the fun. The 2 weekends of the grand music festival saws acts like Epik High, GOT7’s Jackson Wang, CL & 2NE1, aespa, BIBI, etc. paint the stage in their unique colors!


Here’s a quick round-up of how these K-Pop and K-HIPHOP artists emblazed the Coachella 2022 stage.


K-Pop in Coachella 2022:

Epik High

Kicking off the Korean music roster, the 1st day saw the legendary Korean HipHop trio of Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz take to the stage. Earlier recorded as the 1st Korean group to perform at Coachella (in 2016), Epik High bagged the spot once again and performed some of the best hits from their diverse discography.

Donning comfy clothes and bucket hats, the trio had the crowd bouncing alongside them as they energetically performed tracks like “Rosario”, “Born Hater”, “BURJ KHALIFA”, etc. on April 15th and April 22nd. The moment where DJ Tukutz was casually dancing on the stage and suddenly did the  ‘ㄷ’ move from “Next Level” by aespa before it was announced that aespa would be part of the 2nd-weekend lineup, also had fans elated!


CL & 2NE1

”I am grateful and blessed to be alive with pleasure. Long enough to witness the marks I make and things I create blossom,” – CL

Girlgroup legends, the quartet of 2NE1Bom, CL, Dara, and Minzy came together for a very special reunion on stage, just as the CL-fever had taken over the crowd at Coachella. As soloist CL reached the end of her “Spicy” stage, the other 2NE1 members joined her on stage for their very 1st performance since the 2015 MAMAs, 6 years ago. They performed their classic K-Pop hit (known to every new and old K-Popper alike), “I Am The Best” and set the stage and the internet on fire!

The fiery gig even left the fans to remember humorous moments like member Dara’s shoe flying off her foot as she powerfully moved to the song’s beat. The reunion couldn’t have been any more amazing!


Jackson Wang

K-Pop Coachella 2022

GOT7 member and multi-faceted solo artist, Jackson Wang managed to work up the fans into a frenzy with his Coachella performance as part of the 88rising’s HITC. Making history as the 1st Chinese singer on the Coachella main stage, Jackson opened the show with a Michael Jackson-inspired dance routine, looking debonair and handsome in his sleek black outfit. He then moved on to perform “100 WAYS” and his newest track, “Blow” from his upcoming album “MAGICMAN”.

His unyielding energy and charisma sent ripples of thrill and excitement coursing through the audience. The highlight, however, can be unanimously agreed to be the moment when a silver-haired Jackson went shirtless as he performed passionately on stage.  The #MAGICMAN stage is truly an unforgettable one-of-its-kind debut at Coachella!



Coincidentally the girlgroup’s 1st U.S. performance as well, the 2nd weekend of Coachella was aespa’s special performance. Hyped-up fans of the quartet all around the world, tuned into the live streams to see the talented girls perform their best tracks like “Next Level”, “Black Mamba”, “Savage”, and more. The heightened energy, synergetic movements, and flawless vocal delivery of the aespa members elevated manifolds, the experience of the world’s most-awaited music festival!

The unveiling of a new unreleased song by the girlgroup (titled “Life’s Too Short”) as they sang of enjoying to the fullest the transient life bestowed on us, also generated a tenacious wave of anticipation for the group’s future releases and works.


BIBI (ft. Yoon Mirae)

K-Pop Coachella 2022

Having wowed the 88rising’s HITC Festival audience earlier in the year, Feel Ghood Music‘s R&B singer-songwriter, BIBI once again showed off her captivating vocals and magnetic stage aura at Coachella 2022!

Oozing with confidence that didn’t betray any of the nervousness she said she felt, BIBI took the main stage and performed her best tracks – “Kazino”, “BAD SAD AND MAD” and “The Weekend”. Her suave dance moves and her smiling face as she exchanged excited looks with the crowd, made her performance even more appealing.

What was even more surprising to see however was the veteran female rapper, Yoon Mirae, join BIBI up on the stage, as she began the 1st verse of “The Weekend”. Their combined energy and persona really was something else!

Credits: Makeup Artist Choi Minseok



Dumbfoundead (Jonathan Edgar Park) also rocked the Coachella stage on the very last night of the music festival. Busting out his singles, “Hyung” and “Water”, the Korean-descent rapper looked right at home, performing in a soft green sweater and brown jeans that suited his laid-back style perfectly!


Did you tune in to the livestream for the Coachella 2022 music festival? Which K-Pop performance in Coachella 2022 did you love the most? Spill your thoughts in the comments.
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