K-Pop Soloist Brooklyn just made a comeback with the single ‘Imagine’ on the 27th of November. He spoke to KPOP HIGH INDIA to tell us about his career, music videos, performing and more; Read ahead to find out more!



Ever since he was young, Brooklyn has been in love with music and performing arts in general. The star was known for his golden voice and hence was invited to lots of music festivals placed in Seoul where he was scouted by his company Masefield Entertainment. At the Vancouver K-Pop Con in 2018, he was one of the headlining acts and the very next year he was the main guest of Korea Days in France.

Once Brooklyn debuted on the 9th of August last year with his song Young Love he had proven one thing for sure- this rookie was unstoppable and the only way was up! Although COVID-19 made it hard for the artist to play his part in K-Pop’s bustling industry, he overcame the pandemic and held his very first mini-concert in July which was free to viewers all across the globe.

All images courtesy of Masefield Entertainment.


“Now that I have debuted, I can not possibly make mistakes and that is an exciting responsibility for me.”



KHIGH: The Imagine MV had a lot of creative aspects to it. Do you have a personal favorite scene in the video?

Brooklyn: Every scene in the video turned out so great, but my favorite is probably at the end when the room around me is in flames. It is a very simple but powerful visual expression.


KHIGH: Watching the ‘YOUNG LOVE’ mv and ‘IMAGINE’ mv one after the other really shows off your versatility as an artist. Did you have more fun on the colourful, vibrant set or the set with darker vibes?

Brooklyn: With IMAGINE, there was a lot more art design around me, so I had a lot of fun admiring the objects and mood on each set.


KHIGH: Out of the concepts that you have tried, which one was the most challenging to portray?

Brooklyn: The character that I portray in IMAGINE is the most natural for me so far, because I appreciate the theatricality. However, I would also describe it as the most challenging because it required a lot of effort from my entire team to bring to life.


KHIGH: What kind of concepts would you like to try in the future?

Brooklyn: I would like to try a concept that revolves around a different time period. Maybe a long time ago in the past, or far in the future.


KHIGH: Since you have been on stage all your life, what is your fondest memory of performing on stage?

Brooklyn: It is tough for me to pick one moment, but I love the pleasant accidents that happen. It is a special once-in-a-lifetime moment that is shared with the audience when something unexpected and beautiful happens.


KHIGH: Can you tell us about a time after your debut when being multilingual played to your advantage?

Brooklyn: Because my debut happened shortly before the pandemic, I am tasked with connecting with my audience through online activities these days. My online audience is quite global, so I think I have a strength in that situation.



KHIGH: Earlier this year you had held your first virtual mini-concert. Can you tell us a bit about what that experience was like?

Brooklyn: It was similar to a lot of TV filming, but the difference was that there was a live audience that I could not see. Because I could not really have live feedback, I was more nervous, actually.


KHIGH: Can you run us through the emotions you felt when you got signed to Masefield Entertainment as a trainee and then to finally debut?

Brooklyn: Although the debut is only the beginning, it also felt like an ending to the previous chapter. Much of the training revolves around preparing for things that may or may not happen. Now that I have debuted, I can not possibly make mistakes and that is an exciting responsibility for me.


KHIGH: If you were to make a group with other soloists in the K-Pop industry, who would they be and why?

Brooklyn: I listen to a lot of solo works! I don’t know if it would make a good group, but I would be so excited and honored to collaborate with AleXa, CHUNGHA, Jackson Wang, and TAEMIN.



KHIGH: Do you have any other artists that inspire you?

Brooklyn: I was quite inspired by Michael Jackson while working on IMAGINE. Especially Thriller and Smooth Criminal.


KHIGH: In the time between YOUNG LOVE and IMAGINE, do you feel like you have grown as an artist even though the world was under lockdown?

Brooklyn: Many artists are in the same situation as me, and it is challenging to grow if you cannot find ways to connect with your fans. However, for myself, I feel very fortunate because I was still able to do my best work so far.


KHIGH: What are your plans for the future?

Brooklyn: Now that IMAGINE is released, we are planning activities to connect with my fans.



KHIGH: You have already performed in quite a few countries already. Do you have any others on your bucket list?

Brooklyn: India, of course!


KHIGH: Lastly, can you please give your fans around the world a message?

Brooklyn: Hello everyone, I hope you are all looking forward to 2021. I am so proud of how much we have all grown together, and I hope that we can all keep supporting each other throughout the next year. Please enjoy IMAGINE whenever you want to escape, and I can’t wait to see you all soon!



Despite there being unavoidable hurdles blocking Brooklyn’s path, the rookie kept fighting and made sure that he didn’t let himself, his entertainment, or his fans down. As mentioned, this is only the beginning for this rising artist and we are sure that the future holds something so special for someone so talented.