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Xydo is a Korean R&B artist that debuted in August 2014. He, in fact, was one of the first artists to sign with VIXX Ravi’s first label GROOVL1N. Xydo came back with his third single of the year ‘I’ in October. Wanting to try something new, the singer and producer decided to experiment with the ballad genre as he made the emotional song ‘I’. Also known for his collaborations with the likes of Bumkey, Ravi and Mamamoo’s Moonbyul, he roped in Minseo for ‘I’.

Quite different from his usual R&B and upbeat pop songs, ‘I’ is a mournful ballad as Xydo and Minseo sing about a painful breakup. With a simple piano arrangement where the embellishments happen to be the artists’ voices, the two pour out their feelings as they reminisce about their long-gone lover. The highlight is definitely the bridge as Xydo and Minseo’s harmonies are powerful enough to move the listener to tears as they bare their emotions.

With the release of ‘I’ on 19th October, 2021, he had a comeback after his latest EP ‘Cycle’ which was in June 2021. Fans were wondering what the artist was up to after his appearance at the 2021 Someday Theatre Last Cantabile in November first week. Well, KHIGH got the chance to interview Xydo where he spoke about the inspiration of ‘I’, song covers and his wish to branch out from R&B. He also shared his interest in dabbling with Bollywood music, his dream collaborations and his music-making process.

Source: @xydofficial on Twitter

Before we get into the interview, here’s a short message from Xydo to the readers of KHIGH.

KHIGH: Congratulations on your latest single ‘I’. It is so amazing. What was your first impression when you first heard the final version of ‘I’?

XYDO: I was a little nervous because I was very curious about people’s reactions to the song. Its musical style is something I‘ve never presented before. So, there were a lot of things I was worried about. 


KHIGH: What message are you trying to convey with ‘I‘?

XYDO: Everyone goes through a painful breakup after a loving relationship, right? I thought the attitude of dealing with the breakup is very difficult and unbearable at first, but as we mature little by little, we get to know how to endure it. But I wanted to say that even so, breaking up with the person we loved can make people cry and outpour like a child.


KHIGH: The song is so haunting. Which part of the lyrics resonates the most with you?

XYDO: “Even if I walk and walk on the memories that have not dried up yet(아직도 마르지 못한 기억 위를 걷고 또 걸어봐도),” which is also a part which I thought a lot about. I wanted to express the sentence “I still recall memories that are unforgettable and so vivid” in an unfamiliar way.


KHIGH: You have always had interesting titles for your songs. How did you come up with ‘I’?

XYDO: The title and the theme of ‘I’ came from the idea that “I’m still a child with lots of shortcomings and has a lot to learn.” The song is about each other, but since the theme is also about ourselves, the word “I” popped up in my mind. Since it could be associated with two meanings, I decided on it as the title without much hesitation.


KHIGH: The live clip performance for ‘I’ is so beautiful and emotional, your fans absolutely love it. What were your thoughts while filming it?

XYDO: Mostly when filming, I tend to focus very much on the filming site. So, rather than thinking about anything else, I think I only thought about the moment as much as possible.

Source: @xydo_ on Instagram


KHIGH: What is the inspiration behind ‘I‘? Were there any challenges while making it?

XYDO: The inspiration of ‘I’ is from my past, various experiences. I wanted to include the emotional lines in the process of dealing with a breakup. The difficulty I faced when working on the track is that since it was my first time working on the ballad genre, there were tons of things to study. 


KHIGH: I’ is quite different from your usual upbeat R&B songs. What made you want to take a different route, go for a ballad?

XYDO: To be honest, ‘I’ is a track I wrote a year ago. It came out from the idea that I wanted to try singing only with piano and the desire to write a song besides R&B.  


KHIGH: How did the collaboration with Minseo happen? Are there any other artists you would like to collaborate with in the future?

XYDO: When the concept and lyrics of the song were decided to some extent, I was looking for an artist who has the image of both an adult and a child at the same time. It was also important whether our vocals matched. That’s when I thought of Minseo. And other artists I want to work on in the future are IU and Zion.T. I really want to work with both of them


KHIGH: We also have to talk about your song covers, fans have missed them with your last one being in July of Jukjae’s ‘Warm’. If you do upload a cover soon, which song would you choose?

XYDO: I didn’t know that we were going to talk about my covers, but it’s interesting that the song covers caught your attention! Actually, most of the songs’ covers are done because I just wanted to sing. But I’m actually thinking about the next cover and how to improve the quality… Please recommend which song I should cover!


KHIGH: You are a brilliant singer, songwriter as well as a producer. What got you into the music-making process?

XYDO: I’ve been making music since I was little, but I’ve never thought that I was composing. I think I rather thought “Doesn’t everyone play like this?” I just loved music and I wanted to express myself with music. I think this is why I got into the music-making process. 

Source: @xydo_ on Instagram


KHIGH: You have been dropping several singles after the release of the ‘Cycle’ album. When can we expect your next album?

XYDO: The time has not been decided yet. But the idea for the next album is in progress. It may take a while because I’d like to make it different and unique. 


KHIGH: Your fans are waiting to see you perform live once again. Any plans for a concert anytime soon?

XYDO: If I have a chance to, absolutely!! Since the pandemic is not yet settled completely, I can’t guarantee….but I’m definitely looking forward to the concert!! I will update you all as soon as I have a plan. 


KHIGH: You describe your music as R&B and Pop. Are there any other genres you would like to experiment in? What about Bollywood music?

XYDO: There always seems to be a genre I want to try. Surprisingly, a few days ago, I had a conversation with my producer friends about Bollywood music. I was very interested in using a relatively more diverse note-scale and beat. If there is an opportunity to learn, I would definitely like to try. 


KHIGH: Finally, any last words for your fans?

XYDO: Thank you so much for looking out for me and supporting me during this difficult and hard time! I really hope that every single one of my fans stay healthy and safe. And I hope this situation gets settled quickly so I can see you all face-to-face and talk a lot at the concert. Love you all❤️‍


We loved this melancholic single that showed us a new side of Xydo. Listen to his latest song, ‘I’ on: Spotify | iTunes

Watch the music video for ‘I’ below:

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