It’s safe to say that we ALL have dreamt of visiting the source of our entertainment. You can guess what I’m hinting at right? Korea, of course! Take a seat if you’re going to protest this because you can’t fool us!


Okay enough lame talk and we’ll just break it to you.

KIWA INDIA (the company that brought VAV to India) in association with Korea Tourism Organization have announced the “K-Wave Tour” a 6 Nights 7 Days curated trip for Desi fans to focus on Culture, Education and K-Pop.



We connected with the director of KIWA India Mr. Sanjiv regarding this venture and this is what he had to say:

The Korea trip idea, has been a part of our vision while we were doing research in inter cultural relationship and branding of nations last year. During that period we were visiting Korean universities discussing development of more active exchange programs. We also met entertainment companies towards hosting concert in India. We were able to figure out the factors which contributed for the global Kwave, entertainment, education and culture which we were already working on individually, so we thought of integrating them and introduce it in the form of a tour! So we started with the concert followed by the tour. This helps to exchange culture between both country ‘s common people. Eventually leading to a rich cultural experience.

What would you say your biggest challenge was while trying to make this happen?

The biggest challenge was the tour pricing. We had to set a new standard of affordability and Korea is a expensive country in Asia, compared to the south Asian countries. So we had to get KTO on-board and support us. We visited them in their tourism conferences and understood the ways to get the pricing correct. A similar trip to Korea of 7 days including live concerts, universities, tech centres and covering up almost every important attractions generally costs 2.5lacs and above with many riders attached in fine prints.
We achieved everything at 1.65 L all inclusive no fine prints. Plus early bird till 31st July. Now save for your shopping only 🙂



You can visit their website to get details on Itinerary and Cost.

We are  super excited for their project and think it’s a smart initiative to mix education with entertainment and providing a wholesome enriching experience to fans!