Kang Daniel The Story

Looks like Kang Daniel is making it back to music after an exciting year hosting the likes of Street Woman Fighter’ and ‘Street Dance Girls Fighter’ and making his acting debut in Disney’s ‘Rookie Cops’. He also established his own agency Konnect Entertainment and signed on big names like CL and Yuju of GFriend fame. And while he has been in K-Pop since 2017, he has finally dropped his first full-length studio album ‘The Story’.

Following the success of ‘Yellow’, his fourth EP in April 2021, Kang Daniel is back with a bang as he gets introspective in his first full album ‘The Story’. The 10-track album was released on May 24 with ‘Upside Down’ as the title track. Kang Daniel trended on the top of Twitter and MelOn while fans helped the album cross 152k sales within hours of its release according to Hanteo Chart. ‘Upside Down’ ranked on Genie and debuted at #4 on Bugs while all of the b-sides also entered the chart!


Kang Daniel – ‘Upside Down’ [The Story]

And while K-Pop idols and groups stayed to themselves in the late 2010s, we are finally out of the drought as we are getting collabs after collabs from PSY and VIXX Ravi’s ensemble albums to Jay Park and Suran roping in IU and NCT’s Taeyong for their singles. And now Kang Daniel’s star-studded album features the likes of Chancellor, Jessi, and Sokodomo. The title track ‘Upside Down’ has a fun and upbeat melody with an equally vibrant music video as Kang sings about changing time so we can do whatever society and pressure would not allow us to do. The album continues the theme of telling his story as the idol wanted to express his journey from his b-boying days to a soloist.

Kang Daniel The Story
Source: @konnect_danielk on Twitter
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