KBS 2018 - MC

KBS Gayo Daechukje just ended and we are not over it yet and it goes without saying that neither are you 😉

KBS Gayo Daechukje (or “KBS Song Festival“) is the annual ceremony organized by “Korean Broadcasting Station” and this year it featured some of our most sort after, dreamy collabs. It’s pretty much a dream come to true to see our favorite artists collab and that’s pretty much what KBS Gayo Daechukje does – make our dreams come true!

Yes, we usually don’t write about festivals or any of the award shows. So, why are we writing about this? It’s because of the response y’all gave for this festival! Desi fans just lost their chill and when I say lost, completely L-O-S-T their chill. How do we know this? Well firstly, we lost it too and secondly, it’s hard not to know with so many hashtags trending on twitter!

So yeah! Here’s pretty much everything that trended during the course of the event!

At this point of time, it’s not even surprising to see BTS trending in India anymore. The band not having a strong fanbase is a thing of the past and ARMY is one of the largest fanbase there is in India.

But yes! As BTS member, Jin, entered the screen with his usual charisma and extra-ness twitter went wild with #MCSeokjinReturns.

Twitter once again went wild while when BTS performed their solos with #BTSLoveYourselfSolos (still feeling blessed after listening to them)!


While BTS was trending, Indian ONCEs did not shy away from twitter as the TWICE member Dahyun was one of the most talked about topic in the desi twitter! Yup! Desi twitter took notice of Dahyun and her trademark smile and could not help themselves from tweeting about it.

But seriously, can we fan around about the TWICE and JYP Nation performances later? Nothing beats the family feeling you get from watching the artists belonging to the same company together!


BTOB made me tear up and I’m super glad to see so many Indian Melodys respond! BTOB, in my opinion, is one of best groups out there especially when it comes to live performances. It’s hard to say if they are singing live with their pitch perfect vocals.

And yes! They were one of the most talked about topics on twitter today right after their performance!


Sunmi is such a Q-U-E-E-N! When our beloved heroine performed “Heroine” with Daehwi & Seulgi after “SIREN”, desi twitter lost it all! This is probably the first time Sunmi’s being talked about on such a wild scale on Indian digital media and we couldn’t be less glad about it.

If you missed the performances, please do watch it ASAP!

I teared up listening to Roy Kim and I’m not ashamed to admit it. His voice – the power in his voice, man the guy is just awesome and somehow his impact increases when he sings live. There’s no choreography, no concepts, no intricate outfits involved in his performance but his voice and charisma more than makes up for it.

Still listening to him while writing this!

roy kim

With Jin & Dahyun trending, neither I nor my team found Chanyeol trending so, to be honest, we were a bit bummed that Chanyeol isn’t trending. It turns out that he actually did and we just completely missed it!

… and why wouldn’t he?! Did y’all see him last night? 😀

PS: Sorry for the SS, we got it from a friend of ours as we missed the event happening 🙁 (Super thankful for the friend who got it for us though!)

Nothing can stop “true love” <3

For example; the love between Indian K-POP fans and “shipping” as proved here 😛

That’s all about it!

That pretty much covers everything that trended for tonight! Did we miss anything? feel free to comment below and will be more than happy to update! 😉

PS: If you missed the performance or simply want to relive it, KBS has uploaded them all on their YouTube!