DPR IAN (also known as Christian Yu) is a Korean-Australian rapper, director, composer, chief editor and co-founder of the company Dream Perfect Regime (DPR).

Korean Name: 유바롬 / Yu Barom

Birthday: 6th September 1990

Solo Debut Date: 26th October 2020

Solo Debut Single: So Beautiful

Fandom Name: SALT (Super Amazing Loving Team)


About his background and career:

DPR IAN was born and raised in Sydney, Australia and moved to South Korea when he was 18 years old.

He is a former member and leader of the now-disbanded group C-CLOWN under the stage name Rome.

He can fluently speak both English and Korean.

Dream Perfect Regime, the entertainment(?) he founded, is a music group that deals with multiple music genres.

He is pretty active on his Instagram account @dprian

From an early age, he was into performing arts and his childhood dream was to be a dancer.

While he was a part of C-CLOWN they released 4 EPs before disbanding.

Christian said that the group had turned him into something that he was not which he clearly wasn’t happy with.

After C-CLOWN disbanded, he founded his own independent label and has collaborated with other artists.

For a while, he was an Adidas model.

He has directed several music videos for well-known artists such as Body by Mino, Borders by Amber Liu and Wake Me Up by Taeyang.

He only recently made his solo debut with the single So Beautiful.

He is also good friends with soloist and former 2NE1 member CL- they have even made appearances in each other’s music videos.


Fun Facts:

  • He can play the drums
  • His favourite sports are football and surfing
  • He has a dog called Lori who often makes appearances in his social media posts
  • In his free time, he said that he enjoys listening to music and boxing
  • He likes to watch anime
  • He has directed quite a few famous music videos
  • Jazz, rock and heavy metal are his favourite genres of music
  • He has a low spice tolerance
  • He doesn’t like paranormal things to the point where he even avoids talking about them
  • Although he likes tattoos and motorbikes he said that he isn’t a typical bad boy


Check out the music video of his latest song So Beautiful:


DPR IAN’s stellar performance in CL’s 5 STAR:

Listen to C-CLOWN’s last title track Let’s Love:


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