Known as the ‘Trap Princess with that extra sauce’ since her appearance as a contestant in Hip-hop reality show, Show Me The Money 8 (SMTM8), Yunhway (윤훼이) works under Just Music’s sub-label, Wedaplugg Records and is one of the more recognized female rappers believed to produce music that will carry the legacy of the K-Hiphop Industry further!





All pictures are sourced from Yunhway’s official Instagram account.


Yunhway (Yang Yoon-hwa)

Birth Date: April 6, 1995

Debut Date: November 25, 2015

Debut Album (EP): “Fatal Love” 

Debut Single: ‘Fatal Love’

TMI: Likes to dress in cool and flashy outfits

Finds hate comments under her posts hilarious xD

Is close friends with label mate Lil Cherry

Has modeled for Adidas x Hypebeast Campaign aside from modeling when she lived in the United States.

Peculiarly, she doesn’t have a Facebook profile!

Is inspired by anyone who makes a difference, big and small.

Wants to try electro-pop genre with a twist of tropical; something that is funky and moody.

Had moved to an island in the south pacific called Vanuatu when she was 7.

Participates in most of the composing and producing of her music.

Likes to become friends first and then collaborate with different artists

Signature line from the hottest remix, 119 produced by Gray, modified to SMTM 8’s trending line is “Drippin in ma teriyaki sauce” 😉







  • Released debut track “Fatal Love” on November 25, 2015 under Yoonaverse.
  • Worked with producer, sAewoo as a unit by the name, sAewoo in YUNHWAY, and released their very first LP album, ‘2226’ in December 2016, aiming to reach sounds that are closer to the PBR&B they seek.
  • After working as a unit, Yunhway released a solo track, Liquor on April 3, 2018.
  • Released single, Find A New Lover 💕 on July 10, 2018 and single, Long Long Time! on July 30, 2018, both of which were received with great praise.
  • Fighting it out with label mate and close friend, Lil Cherry, Yunhway and Lil Cherry released a mini album, Yunhway vs Lil Cherry on August 20, 2018 which has 4 tracks produced by ‘sAewoo’ and rising newbie ‘Anime with Perfume’.
  • Trended as one of the various artists who wrote their verses for the ‘Hottest Remix of 2019‘, ‘119′ which was produced by Gray and released on December 4, 2018.
  • January 9, 2019 saw the release of another track by Yunhway by the name of ‘Silhouette’.
  • Featured beside CJAMM on young prodigy rapper, Young B’s track, Junky released on February 16, 2019 as the time track for his album, Stranger.
  • Entered as a contestant on Show Me The Money Season 8 and made it to the performance round but was eliminated against contestant, Jjangyou.
  • Her song, ESC was featured in the Adidas NBHD Seoul Flagship Store Playlist in 2019.
  • Featured in Kid Milli’s track, Duracell + Xanny, released on June 10, 2019.
  • Collaborated with Hiyadam, featuring in his track, Un Deux Trois released on July 19, 2019, beside trendy rapper, Kid Milli.
  • On October 29, 2019, Yunhway released her ‘First Mini Album’ by the title, Instant which has tracks produced by both sAewoo and Giriboy.
  • Collaboration with Giriboy on his song, What’s Wrong from his album, Deadly Album III, peaked at top 100 spots in the Gaon Music Chart rankings for 2019.



Fall into the Trap Princess’ hypnotic ‘Fatal Love’, one of the revolutionary debut tracks in the industry!


Coming at you with her unique and addictive flow on a heavy bass beat, Yunhway’s track, ‘Bitchu’, from her first mini-album, Instant is a real banger!


Her match-up with Jjangyou in Show Me The Money 8 with its transitional music that had both refreshing and saucy elements in it, is also one of the most streamed performances of 2019’s SMTM.


Even after debuting in 2015 with her track, Fatal Love, Yunhway faced a lot of hardships to reach where she is right now, at the apex of her career, her name blowing up after she climbed up the ladder in the toughest and hottest hiphop reality show in Korea, SMTM8.

Unfortunately, Yunhway doesn’t have an Indian fan account that we can recommend yet, so maybe it’s time for somebody to start one 😉 ?

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