B.I (비아이) is a soloist from South Korea. He first debuted with iKON under the label YG Entertainment in 2015. He re-debuted as a soloist in 2021 and is now under 131 Label.

Debut Date: March 19th, 2021

Fandom name: IDs

Debut Single: Midnight Blue

Debut EP: Waterfall

Instagram: @shxxbi131

Indian Fan Account/s: @hanbin.india , @id_india_official , @id_india131 , @id_mizo_official , @hanbin_biased

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Source: @shxx131bi131 on Twitter


Birthday: October 22, 1996

Position: Rapper, Singer-songwriter

Nickname: Tigerbin, Charisma B.I, Hambeen, Mickey, Binie

TMI: He was the leader of iKON from 2015 to 2019.

He has been on 4 survival shows: WIN, Mix & Match, Show Me The Money 3 and Heroes Of Remix.

He created his SoundCloud in January 2020.

The revenue of his first solo single, “Midnight Blue” was donated to an organization for children in need.

He enjoys hiking.

He lived in the US for 4 years when he was 3-years-old.

He wrote the song “Airplane” when he had an uncomfortable experience while flying.

He prefers writing his lyrics in a notebook.

He was credited as a producer for every single track on iKON’s debut album.

He made his first solo appearance with “Acceptance Speech,” a collaborative track with Epik High.



Source: @131_label_ on Twitter
  • Midnight Blue” was #1 on iTunes in 31 countries within 3 hours of its release.
  • Got It Like That” was promoted by YouTube Music in NY Times Square and LA.
  • He created his own company that he is currently under, 131 Label.
  • He is the executive director of the acting agency, IOK Company.
  • He is the youngest person and the first idol to win a MAMA award for Songwriter of the Year.
  • He received the Producer of the Year at Gaon Chart Music Awards for “Love Scenario.”
  • In 2018, he was the highest-earning songwriter through song royalties.
  • His track, “BE I” for SMTM3 was the first single from the show to top the charts.
  • Got It Like That” debuted at #1 on Genius’ K-R&B chart.
  • He won Artist of the Year at Asia Artist Awards in 2018.
  • His recently released 1st full album, ‘WATERFALL’ topped #1 on iTunes in around 20 countries, including India.


B.I could have chosen any track as his lead single for his solo comeback but he decided to return with “Midnight Blue,” a heartwarming track that reassures fans of his well-being and thanks them for their love which has kept him going. 

Check out his recent global collaborative track with American artists, Destiny Rogers and Tyla Yaweh. “Got It Like That” is a chilled-out R&B track that talks about ignoring the haters and staying blessed. Sounds like B.I used his personal experience while writing his lyrics.  

When we heard that Epik High was working on a collaborative album, we had no clue that we’d be seeing or even hearing from B.I. After months of radio silence, fans were pleasantly surprised when he participated in the album Epik High is Here 上 (Part 1) with “Acceptance Speech.” 

While we rave about Bobby’s much-deserved win on SMTM3, let’s show some love to his former member too. B.I not only put up fierce competition, his track “BE I” is one of the most memorable ones to be generated on the show.  

Also, check out the title track, ‘illa illa’ from his recent album release, ‘WATERFALL’ which expresses the hardships he had to face repeatedly and overcome to come back to his fans and to the music scene stronger than ever!


We are so glad to see B.I making a comeback and the warm support that his fans are showering on him. Having experimented with his various recent releases, we can’t wait to see what he is going to try next. Did you like his latest album? What kind of concept should he try next?


What is your favorite track of B.I’s so far?
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