WOODZ is a soloist, member of the group UNIQ and an ex-member of the group X1. He is under Yuehua entertainment.

Birth name: Cho Seungyoun (조승연)

Birthday: 5th August 1996

Fandom name: Moodz

UNIQ debut date: 16th October 2014

Solo debut date: 29th July 2016

X1 debut date: 27th August 2019

Personal Instagram: @woodz_dnwm



An all-rounder who can sing, dance, rap and produce.

He has gone by a lot of names in his career such as Cho Seungyoun, Luizy, Woodz, Evan Cho, Go Mach, X$Y and more.

His nickname is ‘monkey’.

The languages he can speak are Korean, English, Chinese, Portuguese and a little Tagalog.

He can play a lot of instruments like the piano, drums, guitar and clarinet and he is also good at beatboxing.

In 2016 he debuted solo with the song Recipe under the name ‘Luizy’.



In 2018 he changed his stage name to Woodz.

He was on Produce X 101 and finished in 5th place, hence debuting in X1.

He is a part of the project group M.O.L.A (Make Our Life Awesome) with Vernon from Seventeen, Kino from Pentagon, Jamie, Nathan and HoHo.

He had participated in Show Me The Money season 5.

Well know American singer Cha Cha Malone helped compose and arrange his 2018 hit song Pool

He has quite a few tattoos on various parts of his body.



During his childhood, he had shifted house a lot because of his parents’ jobs.

He had lots of idol friends and is known as a social butterfly.

He has helped produce songs for a lot of other idols.

He has posted a lot of song covers online.


Listen to his debut track with UNIQ Falling In Love

Jam to X1’s debut song Flash

Check out his addictive solo song Love Me Harder below


Here’s his latest release Bump Bump


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