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Day6 (데이식스) is a quintet band under JYP Entertainment, which produces music that does not pertain to any one genre and one, that has all the members majorly involved in writing, composing and producing the band’s music.

Debut Date: September 7, 2015

Debut Album (EP): “The Day”

Debut Single: Congratulations

Fandom Name: “My Day”

Indian Fan Accounts: @day6indiaofficial@dowoons_mom

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All pictures are sourced from Day6’s official Facebook page.

Jae (Park Jae Hyung)

Birth Date: September 15, 1992

Position: Lead Guitarist, Lead Vocalist, Representative of the Group

TMI: Nicknamed as ‘Chicken Little’, ‘Harry Potter’ and also ‘Hashtag King’ since he uses a lot of hashtags.

Dreams in both English and Korean.

Loves his foam cleanser a lot xD

Used to edit Day6’s own wikipedia and played around with the members’ nicknames.


Sungjin (Park Sung Jin)

Birth Date:  January 16, 1993

Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Rhythm Guitarist

TMI: Has been called by the members as “Mosquito head hunter” and “Bob” as in ‘Bob the builder’.

His hobbies include playing sport and games.

Sungjin’s ideal type is someone who is just like his mom 😉

Was a member of the original formation of Day6 known as 5LIVE.



Wonpil (Kim Won Pil)

Birth Date: April 28, 1994

Position: Lead Vocalist, Synthesizer, Keyboardist, Visual

TMI: Nicknamed as “Pencil” back in middle school.

Has a tattoo on the ring finger of his left hand.

Hobby is collecting action figures.

Has lots of aegyo and is naturally clingy.


Young K (Kang Young Hyun)

Birth Date: December 19, 1993

Position: Main Rapper, Bassist, Lead Vocalist

TMI: Was scouted by JYPE in Toronto to come to audition for them.

Appeared in Dream High 1 & 2 as a backup dancer.

Dreamed of being a basketball player when he was in middle school.

Is a walking, talking dictionary when it comes to the Korean Language.


Dowoon (Yoon Do Woon)

Birth Date: August 25, 1995

Position: Maknae, Drummer

TMI: His ears redden when is feels shy.

Studied at Busan Arts College.

Members find him to be cutest amongst them.

Dowoon’s ideal type is a girl with a pretty smile 🙂




(Source: Wikipedia)


DAY6 released their debut EP, The Day, with the lead single “Congratulations” on September 7, 2015 with the album charting at No.2 on Billboard’s World Album Chart a week following its release.

DAY6 held their first live concert D-Day for 2 nights in November 21–22, 2015 at YES24 MUVhall.

DAY6 held their first overseas fan-meeting in Singapore at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre on December 5, 2015.

On February 27, 2016, Junhyeok, one of the 6 members of the band departed from the band due to personal reasons and terminated his contract with JYP, making the band a quintet.

On March 30, 2016, DAY6 released their second EP, Daydream, with the title track “Letting Go”.

DAY6 made their official stage debut on the music program M Countdown, six months after their initial debut, on 31 March 2016.

The band held their second live concert Dream for 2 nights on May 28th–29th, 2016 at YES24 Live Hall, and one night overseas in Bangkok, Thailand at the Thunder Dome.

On December 29, 2016, DAY6 announced their monthly project in 2017 titled ‘Every DAY6′. The project would release two song every month on the sixth (except May, June, August, and October) along with concerts before the release of monthly song.

DAY6 released their first monthly single with the release of lead single “I Wait” and sidetrack “Goodbye Winter” on January 6, 2017.

DAY6 released their first full-length album, Sunrise, with a total of 14 tracks in June 2017.

On November 28, JYP Entertainment announced the band’s ‘First Nationwide Tour‘ in 2018, Every DAY6 Concert Nationwide Tour which started in Busan on January 20th–21st.

On December 6, DAY6 official concluded their monthly project with the releases of their second full-length album, Moonrise.

DAY6 official announced the recruitment of their first generation fan club from January 5th to January 25th.

DAY6 announced would made their official debut in Japan on March 14 with their first Japanese single, “If ~また逢えたら~” which will serves as theme song for the Japanese drama Repeat.

DAY6 held their Every Day6 Finale Concert – The Best Moments on March 3 and March 4 in the Olympic Hall.

In April 2018, DAY6 announced their ‘First Japanese concert‘, DAY6 1st Live in Japan ‘The Best Day’ on June 13th at Tsutaya O-East in Tokyo.

In June 2018, DAY6 released their ‘First Greatest Hits Album‘ in Japan, The Best Day.

On June 26, 2018, DAY6 released their third EP Shoot Me: Youth Part 1.

From June 22, 2018, to January 29, 2019, DAY6 went on their ‘First World Tour‘, titled Youth, subsequently performing in 24 cities in Asia, Australia, America and Europe.

They also won at the Genie Music Awards 2018 in the category “Best Band Music Award”.

On January 10, 2019, the DAY6 YouTube account announced that recruitment for their second-generation fan club would begin that month.

On July 15, 2019, DAY6 released their fifth extended play The Book of Us: Gravity.

DAY6 received their first-ever music show win on July 24.

On October 22, 2019 they released their third Korean-language studio album, The Book of Us: Entropy.


‘Congratulations neon cham daedanhae, uwoo~’

There surely can’t be many people who won’t be singing along to these lyrics as soon as they see because as the first ever band from JYP Entertainment, Day6 have showed their amazing skills and musicality  when they all composed their debut track, ‘Congratulations‘ from the EP “The Day”.


With punk genre roots that feels like something only DAY6 could do and the intense, dynamic drumming, Day6’s latest release, ‘Sweet Chaos‘ is another must listen!


Lastly, let’s listen to the one of best hits of Day6, ‘Time of Our Life‘, that no band other than Day6 can top!


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