2019 has been a whopping year for K-Pop in India. Both in terms of the influx of several artists, events and also a visible rise in many fandoms for both veteran and rookie. So it won’t be wrong to say that it is you who inspired us to start this weekly tradition.


Okay, enough talk let’s begin this very useful guide 😉


Astro (아스트로) is a K-Pop group consisting of six members formed by Fantagio entertainment in 2016.

Debut Date: February 23rd, 2016

Fandom Name: Aroha

Debut Single: “Hide & Seek”

Debut EP: “Spring Up”

Indian Fan account/s: @aroha_india @eunwoobaby @astrouwuu @risewd_astroqoutes @fanofastro @indiancurryastro @jeanwoo_roha @saranghae_astro @astro_world_of_arohas @mybiasastro @arohaforlifetime 

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Member Profile


All pictures sourced from ASTRO’s official Facebook page

MJ (Kim Myung Jun)

Birth Date: March 5, 1994

Position: Main Vocalist

TMI: Known as a “Happy Virus”

Before being a K-Pop trainee, MJ got a one-year scholarship from Seoul National University.

MJ revealed in one of his VLive that he has a baby belly and he won’t replace it with abs as its soft and comfortable.



Birth Date: February 25, 1999

Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer

TMI: Nicknamed as “Dancing Machine”.

He holds a black belt in Taekwondo.

Rocky has also choreographed for the group’s MV like “Fireworks” and “Wake up call”.



Birth Date: March 15, 1996

Position: Leader, Main Rapper

TMI: He is often called the Slow Rapper because he talks very slow.

He can Beatbox.

He is one of the English speakers of Astro.


Cha Eunwoo

Birth Date: March 30, 1997

Position: Vocalist

TMI: One of his nicknames is “White Tee Guy”

He has won awards for his acting like, “Best New Actor” in 11th Korea Drama Awards.

He is one of the English speakers in Astro.



Birth Date: January 26, 1998

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

TMI: He used to be a Child model modeled for Samsung in his childhood.

He appeared in drama “Boys Over Flower”.

In contrast to his cat-puppy face, he is known for his sexy dancing often with his co-member Rocky.


Yoon Sanha

Birth Date: March 21, 2000

Position: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer

TMI: He can play the Guitar.

If he were not a K-Pop Idol he would be a guitarist.

Sanha said if he was a girl he would date himself.


Source: ASTRO’s official Facebook page

(Source: Wikipedia)

Within a week of its release, Spring Up reached #6 on the Billboard World Albums Chart in the United States, as well as #4 on the Gaon Music Chart.

During Pre-debut the boys were known as iTeen Boys, they also starred in a web drama series titled To Be Continued. 

Astro was named by Billboard as one of the best new K-pop groups of 2016.

They starred in their own reality show, Astro OK! Ready.

Their second extended play Summer Vibes featuring title track “Breathless” peaked at #6 on the Billboard World Albums Chart and #21 on the Billboard World Digital Songs Chart.

The group held their first solo concert in August 2016 in Seoul.

The group held their first tour, titled “The 1st ASTROAD” in August 2017 in Korea and Japan.

In 2018 the group released a limited edition of their album Dream Part.02 ‘Wish’ version which sold out all 10,000 copies in pre-orders alone.

Since their debut in 2016 Astro has held showcases, fan-meetings, and concerts in several countries like Indonesia, Japan, USA, Canada, South Korea and Thailand.

On January 29, Astro finally accomplished their first award from a music show with their release of “All Night” on the SBS MTV music program “The Show.”

Astro’s Japanese debut EP Venus debuted at #2 on the daily album chart of Japan’s largest music site Oricon.

Astro’s most recent comeback was in November, 2019 “Blue Flame“.


Another Astro track we highly recommend is “Crazy Sexy Cool”. A soft peppy pop tune with a vibrant music video. The starts with the feel of Boyhood but then showcases the men in cool suits and other outfits. Overall this release will give you that *i have a crush* feel while grooving nonstop.


you can’t stop giggling right? Here’s another track – “All Night” to give you some more butterflies.


Also, their synchronisation is NO joke.


Recently Indian fans of ASTRO have been increasing day by day. In a recent Instagram poll done by us about “Which Rookie groups do you want to see in India?” We saw an overwhelming response for ASTRO.

They are one of the most wanted Rookie K-Artists. We hope to see them in India soon!