CHECKMATE (체크메이트) is a 5 member co-ed group under Grace Company Entertainment, who captured the hearts of international fans even before they debuted. The group’s name suggests that fans won’t be able to escape from their charms the same way a king can’t escape in the game of chess after a checkmate. The members are Sieun, Suri, Nason, Yongseok, and Noah.


Debut Date: 21st September 2020

Debut Song: Drum

Instagram: @checkmate_official__

Indian Fan Account: @checkmate_indiafc
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SIEUN (Lee Sieun)

Position: Leader, Vocalist

Birthday: 19th September 1993

Her hobby is listening to music

When she is stressed she sleeps to relieve it

Her role model is SNSD’s Taeyeon

She is a former member of the group Ramisu


SURI (Kang Suri)

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Dancer

Birthday: 11th October 1994

She raises cats at her house

She is known as the boygroup dance master

Self-proclaimed energy girl

She is a former member of the now-disbanded group Amor


NASON (Kim Duyeop)

Position: Vocalist, Dancer

Birthday: 12th June 1995

He likes being in the center of the group

Although he looks mature he has a boyish charm

From all the members he is the best at playing chess

He said that being in a mixed-gender group can create this new unique charm and vibe


YONGSEOK (Choi Yongseok)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 23rd May 1996

He is the member that talks the most in videos and has a ‘sweet charisma’

The members call him dragon stone

He said that BTS paved the way

He said he never wants his fans to regret falling for Checkmate


NOAH (Hwan Seung Dae)

Position: Maknae, Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 25th March 2001

He is cute and relatively soft-spoken

When asked which character he was like he said, Harry Potter

His favourite season is fall because it is good for exercising and walking and other things

Yongseok said that when Noah feels good/comfortable he slides down into the chair that he is sitting in


 Check out the MV of their debut song Drum


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