Cravity is a rookie group consisting of 9 members formed in 2020 by Starship Entertainment. They debuted recently with the title track

“Break all the Rules”  from the mini-album SEASON1: [HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE]

Debut Date: April 14th,2020

Debut Single: Break all the Rules.


Fandom name: Official name yet to be given

Indian fan accounts : @cravity_india, @cravity_nagaland

(please note these are the ones we’re aware of, contact them to be part of groups and chats)




Birth Date: March 3, 1999

Position: Leader and rapper

TMI: Former backup dancer for Starship entertainment’s senior Jeong Sewoon

Won the 2017 audition of YG entertainment for “Bundang LJ Dance Academy School”.

Was a former YG trainee.

He was in a dance group before being a trainee.

He was also a model




Birth Date: April 26, 1999

Position: Rapper

TMI: Only foreign members. He is a Taiwanese – American.

Former trainee of JYP Entertainment.

Was supposed to debut with Stray Kids

Has composed a song called “Growing Up” pre-debut.

Friend of Chan from Stray Kids and Chaeyeon of IZ*ONE.

He can speak fluent English and Korean and Mandarin.

He is an allrounder excelling in singing, dancing, and producing.




Birth Date: Feb 5, 2000

Position: Vocalist

TMI: He was in produce x101 and ranked 13.

He can play the guitar and was a guitarist of Sangmoon High School Band called “Seirentle

Jungmo lived in New Zealand for 5 years and can speak English fluently.

He used to attend a flight attendant academy.

His favorite meal is a Hamburger.

Known for his iconic heart pose.




Birth Date: October 16, 2000

Position: Vocalist

TMI:  Woobin can play the guitar.

He attended Geangju Joy Dance and Plug-In Music Academy.

He is known to look similar to his senior I.M of Monsta X.

He is good at beatboxing.

He auditioned for JYP.

He likes to go to karaoke.

He likes to cook and is good at making pasta.




Birth Date: March 22, 2001

 Position: Vocalist and Dancer.

TMI: He learned Japanese since age 14/15 because he wanted to watch anime without subtitles.

He was in producex101 and ranked #16

He is a child actor.

Former bighit trainee.

He loves jajangmyeon





Birth Date: Sept 17, 2002

Position: Vocalist

TMI: He participated in producex101 and ranked 10th making it into the final lineup for X1

He was a member of a Middle School Dance team called “Strawberry Milk“.

His childhood dream was to be a  Botanist

Minhee was in the Elementary School Baseball team for 5 years and his positions were pitcher and infielder

He likes to eat ramen.

Appeared in the music video of Mad Clown(매드클라운) X Ailee(에일리) – 갈증(Thirst)

Was a backup dancer for Jeong Sewoon.





Birth Date: November 30, 2002

Position: Dancer and Vocalist

TMI: He participated in the survival show Produce X 101 and he ranked 4th and made it to the final line-up X1.

He was the High School Calligraphy club president.

 Played soccer when he was younger.

Becoming a k-pop idol was his dream since 9th grade.

He was Jeong Sewoon’s backup dancer.




Birth Date: Jan 27, 2003

Position: Dancer, Vocalist

TMI: He was an ex-trainee at SM Entertainment

He was in a dance cover group called “Moebius

He attended Bupyeong Dance Academy

He has passed many auditions for different companies.

He is good at sports.




Birth Date: August 1, 2003

Position: Vocalist and Maknae

TMI: He likes Haribos a lot

He had a fan club for him in his school.

He is good at drawing and calligraphy

He learned how to swim in 4th grade

He likes spicy braised chicken.


1. They debuted on April 14th,2020 with ” Break all the Rules ” from the mini-album “SEASON1: [HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE] 

2. They held their debut showcase on VLIVE on April 14th, 8 PM KST.

3.Their debut album SEASON1: [HIDEOUT: REMEMBER WHO WE ARE]  ranked first in iTunes’ Top K-Pop Album Chart in regions, namely the United States of America, Malaysia, Sweden, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Chile shortly after its release.

4. The album also ranked second in the UK, Taiwan, Singapore, Mexico, and France, and ranked third in 12 regions

5. Achieved the 4th spot in the iTunes Comprehensive Chart, World Wide iTunes Album Chart, and ranked 1st in three regions in Chile, Vietnam, and Malaysia in the iTunes Top Music Album Chart.

6. Their title song Break All The Rules ranked no. 1 in Norway and Turkey in the iTunes Top K-Pop Song Chart, no. 2 in Poland, 7th in Indonesia, 8th in Germany, and 12th in the United States. B-sides Jumper and Star also placed 3rd and 7th, respectively.

7. They made their stage debut performance on Mnet’s M Countdown on April 16.


Check out their debut song ” Break all the Rules ” which is an urban hip-hop track with great vocals and rapping


Check out their incredible dancing to one of their famous B-side tracks “Jumper”.


This rookie group has tremendous potential and we can’t wait for their growth. We will be cheering them on and we surely will remember them!


Did this group manage to perk your interests?

Will you check them out?

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