ONEWE (원위) is a 5 member self-formed Korean alternative rock band that originally debuted in 2015 with the name MAS 0094 (Make A Sound 0094) under Modern Music but later moved to RBW entertainment in 2017. They officially re-debuted with RBW in 2019 and the name ONEWE. The members are Younghoon, Harin, Kanghyun, Dongmyeong and CyA.

Debut Date: 13th August 2015 // 13th May 2019

Debut Song: Butterfly, Finding Flower // Reminisce About All

Fandom Name: WEVE

Instagram: @official_onewe

Indian Fan Account: @onewe.india
(please note that this is the one we’re aware of, contact them to be part of groups and chats)





YONGHOON (Jin Yonghoon)

Position: Leader, Vocalist, Guitarist, Keyboardist

Birthday: 17th August 1997

Charming Point: Honey voice

He can write songs

The embarrassing/awkward dad

He used to play soccer when he was younger

Yonghoon was the last member to join the group



HARIN (Ju Harin)

Position: Drummer

Birthday: 29th March 1998

Charming Point: Onion-like person (he has various charms)

He’s known for his crazy 4D personality

In addition to the drums, he can also play the piano and beatbox

He is good at doing household chores including cooking

His hobbies are making things and exercising



KANGHYUN (Kang Hyungu)

Position: Guitarist

Birthday: 24th November 1998

Charming Point: Mood maker

He is quite calm by nature

He loves books and reading in general

Along with the guitar, he can play a lot of other instruments

When he was younger he used to be a Kendo (Japanese martial art) athlete and planned to take it up professionally but he fell in love with music



DONGMYEONG (Son Dongmyeong)

Position: Vocalist, Keyboardist

Birthday: 10th January 2000

Charming Point: Laughs a lot

Lowkey savage but a cutie

He’s very energetic and loves to prank people

His nickname is ‘spoiler fairy’

Xion from Oneus is his twin brother



CyA (Lee Giwook)

Position: Rapper, Bass Guitarist, Maknae

Birthday: 24th January 2000

Charming Point: His eyes

He is left-handed

He has produced/composed a lot of songs

Basketball is his favorite sport

Dongmyeong used to be his neighbor when they were younger and they have been best friends ever since

Jam to their latest release End Of Spring

Listen to their (RBW) debut song Reminisce About All

Vibe to their track Q featuring Hwasa from Mamamoo


Finally, listen to their collaboration with Oneus- Last Song


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