Red Velvet (레드벨벳) is a well-known K-Pop girl group under SM entertainment that has risen to popularity with their addictive songs and crazy concepts. The group consists of 5 members: Irene, Wendy, Seulgi, Joy and Yeri.

Debut Date: 1st August 2014

Debut Album: The Red

Debut Song: Happiness

Fandom Name: ReVeluv

Instagram: @redvelvet.smtown

Indian Fan Accounts: @reveluv_india @i_ship_rv_with_me
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IRENE (Bae Juhyun)

Position: Leader, Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 29th March 1991

Designated Colour: Pink

Representative Animal: Rabbit 🐰

Instagram: @renebaebae

She is known as the ‘ending fairy’ of the group

She dislikes chicken and coffee

Some people misunderstood her as ‘cold’ because of how she didn’t interact with others much

As well as being a singer, she is an actress and had a role in the K-drama Game Development Girls 

She is a part of the recently debuted subunit ‘Seulrene’ with Seulgi


SEULGI (Kang Seulgi)

Position: Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 10th February 1994

Designated Colour: Yellow

Representative Animal: Bear 🐻

Instagram: @hi_sseulgi

She is a very calm person by nature

She looks up to Beyoncé, Luhan and Super Junior

Seulgi is the type to easily fall asleep anywhere

The rest of the members admit that she is the best at eating spicy food

She is a part of the recently debuted subunit ‘Seulrene’ with Irene


WENDY (Wendy Son/Son Seungwan)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 21st February 1994

Designated Colour: Blue

Representative Animal: Squirrel 🐿

Instagram: @todayis_wendy

Her musical talents are no joke and she can play a lot of instruments including the saxophone and flute

Reportedly, she is the first member to wake up in the morning

She is like the mother of the group and she likes to bake and keep her surroundings clean

She frequently posts covers on Instagram

Her role model Jessie J noticed her cover of Price Tag


JOY (Park Sooyoung)

Position: Rapper, Vocalist

Birthday: 3rd September 1996

Designated Colour: Green

Representative Animal: Chick 🐥

Instagram: @_imyour_joy

She is the cutie of the group and is in charge of aegyo

The members say her eating habits are the best

She is called the selca queen and she takes the most selfies in Red Velvet

Like Irene, she is an actress and has appeared in the K-dramas Tempted and The Liar and His Lover

She went viral as ‘the girl in the rainbow dress’


YERI (Kim Yerim)

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae

Birthday: 5th March 1999

Designated Colour: Purple

Representative Animal: Turtle 🐢

Instagram: @yerimiese

She got added into the Red Velvet lineup post-debut in the beginning of 2015

The savage maknae of the group

She likes different types of perfume

In Korea, she is a certified songwriter and composer

She’s a social butterfly and has lots of idol friends



• In 2015, they won the (Best) Rookie Award at the Golden Disk Awards, Korean Entertainment Arts Awards and Seoul music awards

• They won their first music show award on Music Bank for their song Ice Cream Cake on 27th March 2015

• At the 2015 Mnet Asian Music Awards, Ice Cream Cake also won the category for Best Dance Performance (female group)

• On 1st April 2018 they performed in North Korea for 1,500 viewers including the country’s leader Kim Jong-Un

• At the Seoul Music Awards, they have won an award every single year from 2015 (Rookie Award in 2015 and Main Award in 2016-2020)

• In 2016, 2017 and 2019 they have won the Main Award at the Soribada Best K-music Awards along with others like Icon Award, Artist Award and Best Stage Award

• At the Fact Music Awards 2019 they won the award for Artist Of The Year and World Wide Icon

• They won the Choice Electronic/Dance Song category at the Teen Choice Awards 2019 for their song Close To Me with Ellie Goulding

• They have had 3 headlining concert tours: Red Room (Asia/2017-2018), Redmare (Worldwide/2018-2019), La Rouge (Worldwide/2019-)


Check out their debut song Happiness


Listen to the song that got them their first win- Ice Cream Cake


Jam to their popular songs Peek-A-Boo and Red Flavor


Last but not the least, hear their latest OT5 comeback title track Psycho

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