This time around, the artist of the week is an underrated group that recently got recognition for winning Mnet’s survival show Road To Kingdom, a prequel to Kingdom. Are you ready to learn about these 11 rising stars?

THE BOYZ (더보이즈) are an all-center group under Cre.ker entertainment. They currently consist of the following members: Sangyeon, Jacob, Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Kevin, New, Q, Juhaknyeon, Sunwoo and Eric.

Debut Date: 6th December 2017

Debut Album: The First

Debut Song: Boy (소년)

Fandom Name: The B / Deobi (더비)

Indian Fan Accounts: @theboyzdeobindia  @theboyz__india  @manipur_theb_official
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Now let’s get into the members!



SANGYEON (Lee Sangyeon)

Position: Leader, Vocalist

Birthday: 4th November 1996

Colour: Red

Representative number: 82

He’s the ‘dad’ of the group because he is gentle, reliable and always takes good care of his ‘kids’

The literal definition of a pessimist, he doesn’t like to stress too much about things and spoil his mental health

He loves doing voice impressions of actors/characters

He was in Melody Day’s ‘You Seem Busy’ MV with Hyunjae, Juyeon and Juhaknyeon

Years ago, pre-debut Sangyeon went viral for being the ‘hot subway guy


JACOB (Jacob Bae/Bae Joonyoung)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 30th May 1997

Colour: Yellow

Representative number: 30

1/3 of the English speakers. He’s from Toronto, Canada.

He is the angel of the group because of how kind and gentle he is

His pelvis is very flexible and therefore he can move his hips a lot

He really loves cereal and carries a lot of boxes of it wherever he goes

Some of his hobbies are beatboxing, playing the guitar and playing sports like basketball and volleyball


YOUNGHOON (Kim Younghoon)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 8th August 1997

Colour: Sky blue

Representative number: 67

1/3 of The Boyz’ Bermuda Line

He loves bread so much that he is literally called bbanghoon (bbang/빵 is bread)

He is shy and gets embarassed very fast

Biggest fanboy ever of V from BTS (Taehyung actually presented a Tata plushie to Younghoon which he takes with him wherever he goes)

He was recently cast in the upcoming kdrama Love Revolution alongside Park Jihoon and Lee Ruby


HYUNJAE (Lee Jaehyun)

Position: Vocalist, Dancer

Birthday: 13th September 1997

Colour: Silver

Representative number: 24

2/3 of The Boyz’ Bermuda Line

He loves to eat chicken (legit any type)

One of his talents is to spin things on his fingers

That one goofy and LOUD member

Went viral at ISAC 2019 and was known as the ‘handsome man on the screen


JUYEON (Lee Juyeon)

Position: Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 15th January 1998

Colour: Blue

Representative number: 11

2/3 of The Boyz’ Bermuda Line

He’s the most innocent/vulnerable member, hence the members pull a lot of pranks on him

He often works out and is one of the most flexible members

He is the MC of The Show along with Kim Minkyu and Sihyeon from Everglow

When 1million dance studio posted a video of them dancing to Bad Guy by Billie Eilish, everyone including locals went feral over the ‘bucket hat guy’ and wanted to know who he was. You guessed it, the ‘bucket hat guy‘ was Juyeon.


KEVIN (Kevin Moon/Moon Hyungseo)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 23rd February 1998

Colour: Gold

Representative number: 16

2/3 of the English speakers. He’s from Vancouver, Canada.

Kevin is a whole living meme

THIS short clip of him singing What Makes You Beautiful went viral all over social media because of how he promoted self-expression

On Twitter, he frequently posts his digital artwork under the hashtag #moonscribbles

He is a huge fan of Beyoncé and his dream is to share a stage with her one day


NEW (Choi Chanhee)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 26th April 1998

Colour: Clear

Representative number: 98

He is known for his flawless, clear skin

He has a really unique and beautiful voice which you can easily distinguish

#1 bully victim of The Boyz

Aegyo king

He has a tattoo of a cross on his left hand


Q (Ji Changmin)

Position: Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 5th November 1998

Colour: White

Representative number: 02

The definition of the word duality

He is known for his dimple and dolphin scream which is really very incredibly high-pitched

Along with many other main dancers of kpop groups, he was on 1theK’s Dance war

He loves to watch horror films and sometimes becomes lowkey scary himself

He has been through a lot of hardships but believes in solving his problems on his own


JUHAKNYEON (Ju Haknyeon)

Position: Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper

Birthday: 9th March 1999

Colour: Orange

Representative number: 09

He is half Chinese and he lived in Hong Kong for a while

He was a contestant on Produce 101 season 2

He taught himself b-boying

Food is literally his best friend and he eats the most out of all the members

He has a farm in his hometown and owns a pet pig (Jeju boy alert)


SUNWOO (Kim Sunwoo)

Position: Rapper, Vocalist

Birthday: 12th April 2000

Colour: Purple

Representative number: 19

He calls himself the mojo of The Boyz

He has co-written most of the group’s title tracks and other songs

He loves juice and drinks a lot of packets each day

Highkey the most savage member, especially towards his hyungs

He acts tough 24/7 but can actually be a big baby


ERIC (Eric Sohn/Son Youngjae)

Position: Dancer, Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Birthday: 22nd December 2000

Colour: Pink

Representative number: 22

His nickname is ‘energy maknae’

2/3 of the English speakers. He’s from Los Angeles, USA.

He loves to keep all his belongings neat and in-order

The reason he loves pink because he thinks it is a manly colour which not all people can pull off

He wants everyone to know that no matter what happens, Eric loves you!!


They also had a 12th member called Hwall who left the group in October 2019 due to not recovering after he underwent surgery on his ankle.



• Shortly after their debut, in 2018 they won the Male Rookie Of The Year Award at the Asia Artist Awards, Rookie Of The Year award at the Korea Popular Music Awards, New Hallyu Rookie Award at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards and the Best New Male Artist at the Melon Music Awards

• On 7th May 2019 they won their first music show award on The Show with their song Bloom Bloom

• From their predebut days till present date, they have starred in 12 of their own reality shows

• They have had 2 successful tours across Asia (The Castle, January-June 2018) and Europe (Dreamlike, December 2019)

• At the Melon Music Awards 2019, they won the 1theK Performance Award

• In addition to the New Hallyu Rookie Award in 2018, they won the Rising Hot Star Award at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards 2019

• They had their Japanese debut on 6th November 2019 with their song and album called Tattoo

• They were nominated for a total of 4 awards at the Seoul Music Awards 2020

• Their international awards include the Rising Star Award at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan in 2019 and the Best 3 New Artist (Asia) award at Japan Gold Disc Award 2020

• Most recently in June 2020 they won the mnet survival show Road To Kingdom against other rookie kpop groups and will therefore move on to compete in Kingdom with veteran kpop groups


Check out their debut song ‘Boy’

Jam to the song that got The Boyz their first win- Bloom Bloom

Bring your inner beast out with their latest release Reveal

Watch their beautiful rendition of Shangri La by VIXX with a classical remix


Listen to their amazing live vocals with the song Wings from their latest album (easy guide- lyrics + members names given)

Last but definitely not the least, check out their mind-blowing performance from the final of Road To Kingdom the night they won- Checkmate.


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