TOO (티오오) stands for Ten Oriented Orchestra and they are a 10 member rookie boy group which were formed by the survival show World Klass. They debuted under n.CH entertainment and Stone Entertainment. The members are Chihoon, Donggeon, Chan, Jisu, Minsu, Jaeyun,, Kyungho, Jerome and Woonggi.

Debut Date: 1st April 2020

Debut Album: REASON FOR BEING : 仁 (Benevolence)

Debut Song: Magnolia

Fandom Name: TOOgether



JAEYUN (Lee Jaeyun)

Position: Leader, Vocalist

Birthday: 16th August 2000

Value: Justice (의)

He can speak English fluently

He was elected as the leader by the rest of the members after he won the vote

He is a good listener and very understanding towards the others

His motto is “Efforts won’t betray me unless I betray them first”


CHIHOON (Choi Chihoon)

Position: Rapper, Producer

Birthday: 27th April 1999

Value: Love (묵)

He calls himself the sexy member of the group but everybody disagrees because he is too cute for that

He is in a producing duo with Chan called Curohako

His producing name and Soundcloud account is Ian

His motto is “Focusing on the past will disrupt the future, but focusing on the present will complete the future”


DONGGEON (Song Donggeon)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 15th July 1999

Value: God (신)

He is known for having a great body and he likes sports but the only exercising he does is pushups

He has a sweet tooth and says he can live without rice but not without chocolate

He has the best upper body strength of the group

His motto is “Pride spoils everything”


CHAN (Cho Chanhyuk)

Position: Rapper, Dancer, Producer

Birthday: 8th December 1999

Value: Courtesy (예)

He’s the idea bank of the group because he comes up with great ideas for their stages

He has tattoos on his back and arm

He doesn’t like being in white light

His motto is “Let’s move smartly”


JISU (Choi Jisu)

Position: Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 19th January 2000

Value: Number (수)

He is TOO’s ‘cool guy’

His nickname is ‘The red glove from Namcheondong’

He does a good voice impressions and can imitate an entire conversation

His motto is “Let’s work harder today rather than tomorrow”


MINSU (Kim Minsu)

Position: Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 20th March 2000

Value: Mind (심)

He is the shortest member of TOO and his members call him ‘minion’

He’s the cute and innocent member

He chatters a lot and once he starts talking it’s hard to make him stop

His motto is “There is no end”


J.YOU (Kim Jeyou)

Position: Rapper

Birthday: 2nd November 2000

Value: Benevolence (인)

His english skills are pretty good

He can act out emotions with his face

He can speak/read out things incredibly fast

His motto is “I’m legend”


KYUNGHO (Jang Kyungho)

Position: Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 7th May 2001

Value: Virtue (덕)

His nickname is ‘Boss Baby’

He loves to wander around different places

People often mistake him as one of the older members because of his mature face

His motto is “The more you do something, the bigger it will get, so it’s a worry”


JEROME (Oh Sungmin)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 25th August 2001

Value: Life (생명)

He is the self-admitted cutie of the group

He reminds the members of a water strider because of his long legs and arms

His charm point is his dimples

His motto is “Let’s be a frog out of the well!”


WOONGGI (Cha Woonggi)

Position: Vocalist, Maknae

Birthday: 23rd April 2002

Value: Wisdom (지)

He’s a very energetic person who never runs out of energy and he is like the mood maker of the group

He loves doing girl group dances

He was a child actor under the name Cha Jaedol

His motto is “Everything will come true Atillissai!”


Their debut song Magnolia MV

TOO’s cover of Hard Carry by GOT7 on the show Road To Kingdom

Their version of the English song You Can’t Hurry Love (originally by The Supremes in 1996 and notably covered by Phil Collins in 1982)

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