TREASURE (트레저) is a 12-piece K-Pop group that were formed through the survival show YG Treasure Box. The members are Hyunsuk, Jihoon, Yoshinori, Junkyu, Mashiho, Jaehyuk, Asahi, Yedam, Haruto, Doyoung, Jeongwoo and Junghwan.

Debut Date: 7th August 2020

Debut Song: Boy

Debut Album: The First Step : Chapter One

Fandom Name: Treasure Maker/Teume

Instagram: @yg_treasure_official

Indian Fan Accounts: @treasure_india_ @treasureindia_official @yg_treasure_official_india @treasure_india12 
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Position: Leader 1, Rapper, Dancer

Birthday: 21st April 1999

He is known for being a fashionista

One of the members that is easily scared

He can produce songs and write lyrics

He was a MIXNINE participant and finished in 5th place



Full name: Park Jihoon

Position: Leader 2, Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 14th March 2000

His hobbies are taking photos and skateboarding

A self admitted softie who smiles a lot

Treasure’s sexy cutie

Pre-debut he was on YG vs JYP



Full name: Kanemoto Yoshinori

Position: Rapper, Dancer

Birthday: 15th May 2000

1/4 of Treasure’s Japanese members

Aegyo master

He is good at beatboxing

He enjoys graffiti and drawing



Full name: Kim Junkyu

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 9th September 2000

The mood maker of the group

Known as a cute koala

He can play the piano well

He has participated in MIXNINE



Full name: Takata Mashiho

Position: Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 25th March 2001

2/4 of Treasure’s Japanese members

He is good at acrobatics and very flexible

In 2019 he made an appearance in AKMU’s short film

He was on JYP vs YG



Position: Rapper, Vocalist

Birthday: 23rd July 2001

He has a very caring personality

Loves banana milk so much

He became an artist because he wanted to show his skills to the world

He was scouted by a lot of companies such as SM, JYP, Pledis, Cube, Woollim and Yuehua



Full Name: Hamada Asahi

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 20th August 2001

3/4 of Treasure’s Japanese members

He’s a self-taught composer

Known as a robot

He has a fun and crazy personality



Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 7th May 2002

Trained for over 7 years before debuting

His hobbies include playing soccer, photography, reading and watching movies

Before he debuted with Treasure he released a solo called Wayo

He was on YG vs JYP, KPOP STAR and King Of Masked Singer



Full name: Kim Doyoung

Position: Dancer, Vocalist

Birthday: 4th December 2003

His hobbies are swimming, skating, cooking and playing basketball

He can play the piano well

Initially only started to dance for fun but he enjoyed it and went to DEF dance school

He was on YG vs JYP



Full name: Watanabe Haruto

Position: Rapper

Birthday: 5th April 2004

4/4 of Treasure’s Japanese members

A visual legend and he knows it

He is good at popping dance

His parents urged him to become a YG trainee because they were Big Bang fans



Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 28th September 2004

He has the personality of a puppy

Effortlessly funny

If he did not become an artist he would have been a doctor as that was his childhood dream

He only took vocal training for 2 days before auditioning for YG



Position: Vocalist, Dancer, Maknae

Birthday: 18th February 2005

The members say he smells like a baby

He said he learns a lot from his older members while they take care of him

He is good at acrobatics and taekwondo

A former child actor and model who appeared in the media multiple times




• Treasure won the Rookie Of The Year (Male) at the Asia Artist Awards

• At the Korea First Brand Awards 2021 they won the Best Rookie Idol (Male) award

•  They won the Best New Male Artist category and were a one of the groups that won the Worldwide Fans’ Choice award at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards


Jam to their pre-debut bop Going Crazy


Get grooving with their debut song Boy


Check out their 2020 MAMA stages with all 3 of their title tracks


Watch their exclusive interview with NDTV India by clicking on the image down below


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