XUM (/pronounced as ‘sseom’) is a trio of girls that debuted under A100 Entertainment. The members are- Dayeon, Baekah and Iaan.

They were originally supposed to be a subunit of the group Neon Punch while waiting for the other 2 members that were on hiatus but Neon Punch ended up disbanding and XUM debuted as their own group.

Debut Date: 22nd September 2020

Debut Song: DDALALA

Debut Album: DDALALA

Fandom Name: Awexume



DAYEON (Hwang Yeongyeong)

Position: Leader, Vocalist

Birthday: 17th November 1995

According to the other members she is the cutest

She knows taekwondo

Her role models are HyunA IU

She has recently started posting covers called ‘Dayeon’s killing verse’


BAEKAH (Kim Sua)

Position: Vocalist

Birthday: 24th October 1999

She was on the show MIXNINE and she finished in 22nd place

Her English is very good

She usually goes out at night and stays up late

Her role model is Lee Hyori


IAAN (Yoo Dongju)

Position: Rapper, Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

Birthday: 22nd March 2002

She is the shortest member of the group

Her hobbies are sleeping and eating delicious food

She posts dance covers pretty often

Her role model is HyunA


Special thanks to @nakaminhox on Instagram for helping out with the information!


Check out the MV of their debut song DDALALA

Have fun while working out with XUM and DDALALA


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