Know Artist Jessi

Jessi (제시) is a soloist, singer-rapper from South Korea. She first debuted in 2005 and then re-debuted under the label YMC Entertainment in 2015. She is now under P Nation.

Debut Date: September 15th, 2015

Fandom name: Jebbies

Debut Single: Get Up 

Debut EP: Get Up

Instagram: @jessicah_o

Indian Fan Account/s: @jessi_officialindia

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Source: @jessicah_o on Instagram


Birthday: December 17, 1988

Position: Singer, Songwriter, Rapper, Producer

Nickname: Jessica H.O., J-HO, Sica

TMI: She is the first artist to sign with PSY’s label, P Nation.

She was part of the project group, Refund Sisters along with Uhm Junghwa, Lee Hyori and Hwasa.

She is good at boxing.

She went viral on Unpretty Rapstar for saying “We’re not a team, this is a competition.”

Her comfort food is chocolate.

The white outfit with the ‘FAKE’ crop top in “Who Dat B’s” music video is made of screenshots of hate comments.

She went as Miss Korea on King of Mask Singer.

She got a tattoo of swallows on her arm for her fans as swallows are called ‘Jebbies’ in Korean.

The superlative that she likes about herself is that she is honest.

It took her 3 hours to learn the choreography for “Ssenunni.”



Source: @jessicah_o on Instagram
  • Nunu Nana” is her first music video to reach 100 million views.
  • The music video of “What Type of X” reached 4 million views within 18 hours of its release.
  • What Type of X” debuted on Billboard’s World Digital Song Chart at #8 and on MelOn at #34.
  • She won her very first MAMA award in 2020 for “NUNU NANA.
  • She had her first performance in USA in 2015.
  • Who Dat B” is Jessi’s very first music video to go viral on social media.
  • Her first mini-album, “Un2verse” ranked at #4 on the Billboard World Album chart.
  • Gucci” was her very first single to enter the Billboard World Digital Single chart.
  • Her very first OST was for the K-Drama, Glamorous Temptation.
  • She has her very own variety show called Jessi’s Showterview on MBC’s YouTube channel.


Check out her latest comeback with the single,What Type of X as she shows off her vocal range as well as her dancing skills. We also have to talk about the fashion that’s so on point with the crown and all-black leather which contrasts with her retro looks during the hip-hop rap verses.

If anyone can cover Tones & I, it’s Jessi. Watch as she hits all the high notes while achieving that raspy melody which is quintessential Tones & I in her rendition of Dance Monkey on Yoo Hee-Yeol’s Sketchbook.

 Finding the right company to represent the artist is a basic necessity; which is why we know Jessi has found her match with PSY as Who Dat B is P Nation’s very first music video. Not only did we finally get to see her authentic self but it was also the stepping stone to her now newfound fame.

 A song about unapologetically being oneself and an empowering message for women everywhere, Refund Sister’s Don’t Touch Me gives us a sneak-peek of how Jessi would have held her own if she’d been in a girl group.


We are so glad to see Jessi’s much-deserved fame. Having shown her diversity with pop anthems like NUNU NANA and now the hip-hop and rock take withWhat Type of X,” we can’t wait to see what she is going to try next. Did you like her newest single? What kind of concept should she try next?


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