Moon () is a soloist from South Korea. She debuted under the label Million Mark (SM Entertainment) in 2018.

Debut Date: October 31st, 2018

Debut Single: Million

Debut EP: Day n Nite

Instagram: @moonsujin94



Source: @moonsujin94 on Instagram


Birthday: July 4, 1994

Position: Singer, Rapper, Composer

TMI: She had braces in 2020.

If she could be any animal, it would be a dog.

She’s an extrovert and is very talkative.

If she can switch bodies with one person, it would be Rihanna.

She was excited when her role model, Zion T. helped her out with her album, “Walk In The Night.”

She’s the type to prefer the solitude while walking alone at night.

She hates shopping and finds it annoying.

She likes how the word “night” sounds in Korean which is why most of her songs are night-themed.

Twilight is her favourite time of the day.

If she could collaborate with anyone her dream is to work with the vocalists of NCT, as seen through her recent collab with NCT’s Taeil.



Source: @moonsujin94 on Instagram
  • The first track she composed aside from her own was UP10TION’sRestore.”
  • She’s arranged as well as written the lyrics for her debut single, “Million.”
  • Her first released track was “Bed Talk” in collaboration with theJ in 2015.
  • She already has more than 3.7k followers on SoundCloud with just one track.
  • Walk In The Night” is her most viewed music video till date with 183k views.
  • She was featured in EXO-SC’s1 Billion Views.”
  • She is credited for composing Chungha’s track, “My Friend.”
  • She has collaborated with Sik-k thrice.
  • She hosted the radio show ONFIRE on Naver Now.
  • She has more than 209k monthly listeners on Spotify.


Listen to “Walk In The Night,” a jazzy track with a retro vibe that just makes you nostalgic.

Moon’s flawless high-notes and ad-libs harmonise perfectly well with Sehun and Chanyeol’s vocals in EXO-SC’s1 Billion Views.”

Fall in love with this bubble-pop band version of BTS’Dynamite” as she takes a refreshing spin on this track.

Listen to her debut single as she shows off her vocal range as well as her gravelly raps in the R&B track, “Million.”


Moon may be an R&B artist but her songs and covers prove that she has a vast range. We can’t wait to see what she does next. Which of her songs did you like?


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