D.Ark (디아크) is a soloist from South Korea. He debuted under the label P Nation in 2020.

Debut Date: December 30th, 2020

Debut Single: Potential

Instagram: @dmofxxkinark



Source: @dmofxxkinark on Instagram


Birthday: July 15, 2004

Position: Rapper

TMI: He lived in China for 10 years before coming to South Korea.

His Zodiac Sign is Cancer.

Ethnically, he’s Korean but he was born in China.

He is trilingual as he can speak fluent English along with Korean and Mandarin.

He has been rapping since 2017.

He can play the piano.

He was part of the Blue Alien Crew.

Even though he debuted in 2020, he’s had an active career since 2018.

He can also street dance.

Jessi gave him a shoutout on her Instagram live the day he debuted.



Source: @dmofxxkinark on Instagram
  • He can seamlessly rap in 3 languages.
  • He was a contestant on Show Me The Money seasons 7 & 9.
  • He was the second youngest contestant at age 14 on SMTM777.
  • He ranked 3rd on High School Rapper 4.
  • He wrote the lyrics for his debut single, “Potential.”
  • He won the diss battle against pH-1 on SMTM777.
  • His introductory performance on SMTM777 garnered more than 9.7 million views.
  • He already has more than 67k monthly listeners on Spotify.
  • His most heard track on Spotify is “saimsaim” with more than 3 million streams.
  • He also appeared on the survival show, High School Rapper 4 alongside pH-1 who he dissed during Show Me The Money 777.


Listen to his fast-paced rap in his debut single as he shows off his future in “Potential.” He also does a couple of dance moves like the ‘Dougie’ and ‘The Woah’ to show that he’s got it and all and isn’t your average K-hip-hop rapper.


D.Ark shows what he’s got in front of a bunch of veteran rappers as he gives us a snippet of his unreleased tracks, “Prime Time,” “All About” and “Bentley” on Loopy’s Naver Now show, RAPHOUSE ON AIR.



Even though he’s just a teenager, he proves that he can keep up and more as he starts off “Rising Cypher,” a collaboration with Bruno Champman and Ash-B.



If you want to stan D.Ark, you have to go back to the beginning, when he showed the world on SMTM777 that he’s not one to mess with.



He may have had a rough past on survival shows, but he’s back with a vengeance. From a newly-minted contract with PSY’s label to placing 3rd on High School Rapper 4, D.Ark is here to slay. Not only can he rap well, but he also embodies the very spirit and swagger of hip-hop that makes him stand out. Did you like the kind of raps he does?


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