K-Pop artists are now known to dance to Indian tunes or croon Indian songs. J.Seph of KARD sang Tujhmein Rab DIkhta hai at their concert last year in India. In2it and Alexa danced to The Jawaani Song and Bole Chudiyaan.  Latest addition to the list of K-Pop artists dancing to Indian tunes is none other than BlackPink.

BlackPink recently appeared on the famous variety show Knowing Bros as a part of the promotion for their debut album The Album. Knowing Bros is known for their funny anecdotes and challenges for the guests. This time, we can see Lisa dancing to Tunak Tunak Tun by Daler Mehendi. Tunak Tunak is one of the popular songs in South Korea. The song has been a constant party number in India even after 22 years!

The cast of Knowing Brothers mentioned their song Du Ddu Du Ddu which sounds similar to the beginning segment of Tunak Tunak song. The members danced a little to the song. India was mentioned when they spoke about the number of views on BlackPink’s MV. You can watch the clip here:

Their debut album was released on 2nd October 2020. It has been a chart-topper with hits like Ice Cream (ft. Selena Gomez), How You Like That and the title track Lovesick Girls. Their song Bet You Wanna (ft. Cardi B) was also played on the radio station 919 Friends FM  as a part of the World Chart on Air program.



Hopefully, one day Blinks will see BlackPink perform to Indian songs when they come to perform in India!

Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!