Korean Tourism Organisation India organised the Korea festival 2019 which was hosted on 13th – 14th April, High street phoenix, Mumbai with entry for all.

It was my first time attending a Korean festival so i quite did not build a picture in my mind but with aesthetic teasers posted by the Instagram team of Korean tourism, had got my expectations high!

Images posted on @kto_india


Let me ask you, what do you expect when a promo means – experience Korea under one roof, you would think it’ll be like walking down and taking in as much cultural-fun experiences of Korea by just hitting the mall in Lower Parel, right? Well i am glad to say that the fest left me starry eyed and craving for an actual visit to this beautiful country!

Our applause to the team of the organisation for laying down this heavenly ‘feast‘, the event was managed impeccably with unique stalls that would keep you on the move and the stage, my god the line up of performances completely lived up to the hype! Let’s take a tour, shall we? šŸ™‚



The venue was hoisted by different booths each offering a delight of its own, there was:

Food, Hallyu, Traditional Korean games, Virtual Reality, Korean Tourism, Jeju Island, Hanbok Dress, mask painting and photo zones(there was so much to explore i bet i missed to pen one more!)



The festival was lined up with a good mix of traditional and modern showcases a perfect projection of what the Korean entertainment is like today. The traditional fusion group from Korea – Fusion Queen gave hearty performances proving true to their name, the Gamblerz CrewĀ Ā are best known for winning first place atĀ Battle of the YearĀ 2004 and 2009, theĀ R-16 Korea Sparkling in 2008 and 2014, CYON Bboy Championships 2010, and Bucheon Bboy International Championship in 2016 along with many other major competitions across the world. Many of their b-boys have competed in individual tournaments as well, such asĀ Red Bull BC One; Need i say more of them? Well they Killed it. An astonishing display of Taekwondo and of course KPOP covers. Indian crews like ANONYMOUS & ELIXIR once again stole hearts of the crowd making us all proud.



Not to forget guest performances by K-POP artists themselves! Yes ALEXA of Produce 48 fame and the south Korean group IN2IT that were on their India tour also gave tease performances which was enough for fans to anticipate their concerts and get their hearts stolen.




The festival was wholesome and had something for every age group, be it that kid frantically searching colors for his mask, the girl screaming on top of her lungs for IN2IT, or that group of friends with laughter and joy and the adults who are just mesmerised by this amalgamation!



I believe this fest was a hit and i am packing my bag as we speak! Do you want to visit Korea?

Check out full album for fest pictures and videos here.