Released on 24th July, 2020, a new single by the Korean-American singer, Marshall Bang better known by his stage name, MRSHLL created excitement among the desi K-Poppers as it was a surprising collaboration of MRSHLL with the Indian singer-songwriter, Vardaan Arora!


I Don’t Wanna Know Single Cover


The song that goes by the title, “I Don’t Wanna Know” draws from the unique dance-pop musicalities of both these amazing artists. It exudes this seductive, confident energy of knowing exactly what you want in the rebound phase of a relationship when rather than getting to know the other person on an emotional level, the person acts on his attraction with the other and gets in a very ‘let’s get straight to the point’ kind of mode 😉


Here’s the thing I know we just met , but I don’t wanna know any thing about ya.

Get the check, I think we are all set, coz I don’t wanna know much else about ya.


Aside from the fact that it is a Korean x Indian collaboration, the track also brings to the forefront the extreme talents that the Queer community possesses as the first openly gay male K-pop star, MRSHLL and openly gay Indian artist, Vardaan work together on the track with fellow queer producer, Kennen. This track hence celebrates this proud moment of the coming together of all these amazingly talented queer Asian artists. It’s successful reception also represents their community’s power and skills which is another thing to look upon with great pride 🙂


An excited MRSHLL showers love for their epic collaboration on his recent Instagram Post calling it a “trifecta of queer-asian power dance pop”:


hi. i’m on a new song with some doooope proud n out queer asian artists: @vardaanarora, prod. by @itskennen – “i don’t wanna know” out meowww on all major streaming platforms. a trifecta of queerasian power dance popppp.



Vardaan Arora also salutes MRSHLL calling him “an icon” and celebrates this Queer-Asian banger collaboration on his Instagram, joyous of the power and even international implications that the track would generate:



Fellow queer producer, Kennen also expresses his excitement on Instagram about this “hyper pop inspired banger made by 3 lgbt asian artists💥” and says that he is “honoured to have been a part of this💛”!


Excited to check out the new single?

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