Badshah Sokodomo

In tow with trendy Korean DJ/Producer, Junkilla whose beats carry the groove within them, Sony Music Korea’s 20-year old rapper, Sokodomo had hopped on Badshah and Payal Dev’s ‘Genda Phool’ bandwagon just a few months back!

With the return of this young talented rapper’s experimental music through his latest EP ‘…—… (S.O.S)’, Sokodomo’s featuring on the remix of this famous Bollywood track couldn’t stay hidden from the Indian eyes and ears. So, even though many might not have known that such a remix even existed, let alone that it trended in Korea and was covered by a lot of popular Korean dance crews like ALiENZ and 1 Million Studio, Indian K-Poppers are ready to discover and groove to the bop remix now!


Check out ALiENZ’s stunning, high octane dance on Badshah’s ‘Genda Phool Remix’ by Junkilla (ft. Sokodomo, Payal Dev) as they shoot an “ALiENZ x Junkilla” Official MV:


Badshah – ‘Genda Phool (Junkilla Remix) (ft. Sokodomo, Payal Dev)’

With the original track of Badshah and Payal Dev standing at a whopping 800 Million+ views, it comes as no surprise that the addition of Junkilla’s genre-transcending production skills and Sokodomo’s unique rap style, elevate the track to a new level of alluringness.

Junkilla firstly amps up the tempo and raises the intense energy exuding from the track. Then, Sokodomo‘s smooth takeover of the track from Badshah’s laid-back swagger style as he delivers a catchy bilingual verse in his signature tone also heightens the “bop-worthiness” of the track even more. Add to this the suave dance moves of the Korean dance crew ALiENZ who were the leads of the official music video for the remix, and you have got a full-package banger deal!


With encouraging, excited comments pouring in from both sides – Indians and Koreans, this dream collaboration between Bollywood Rapstar, Badshah, and rising Korean Rapper, Sokodomo, alongside Junkilla and Payal Dev, is truly a delight to witness and dance along to!


Also, check out Indian dancers rocking the Junkilla Remix of ‘Genda Phool’ and nailing Sokodomo’s banger verse on the track: 


Did you know that this bop existed before? What are/were your thoughts upon listening to it? Let us know in the comments.