The cherry blossoms are floating in the air, the breeze is sweet and warm, it’s the advent of Spring. Here in the Hallyu world, we greet Spring with new Korean dramas – some heart-warming, some cold, yet all equally appealing. These dramas have already garnered the public’s attention and we can’t wait for them to air. Continuing the amazing streak of releases with some remarkable dramas in the first quarter of 2021, we bring you a refreshing set of shows to satiate your palette for the coming days.

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Cast: Kim Hyun-Joo, Han Sun-Hwa, Ji Jin-Hee, Yeon Woo-Jin

Genre: Crime Thriller

Releasing: April 23, 2021

Watch at: Not available on online streaming services.

Synopsis: Han Jung-Hyun is a secret agent at National Security Planning Agency, known for his valor and astonishing adroitness. During a top-secret mission, he falls in love and marries Choi Yeon-Soo, a devoted human rights lawyer. It’s when Yeon-Soo becomes nominated as the first head of the Senior Civil Servant Corruption Investigations Unit that their lives take an abrasive turn and hidden secrets come to light.

This drama is a remake of the 2016 BBC UK miniseries ‘Undercover’ by JTBC. Following the success of the original series, it is hoped that the Korean remake surpasses the expectations of the audience. Moreover, Kim Hyun-Joo and Ji Jin-Hee are returning as an on-screen couple after five years since last starring in ‘I Have A Lover‘ in 2015. The actors have already shown us their chemistry and we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!


Dark Hole

dark hole

Cast: Kim Ok-Bin, Lee Joon-Hyuk

Genre: Sci-Fi, Mystery

Releasing: April 24, 2021

Watch at: Viki

Synopsis: A police detective in the Seoul regional investigation unit, Lee Hwa-Sun‘s life takes a turn for the worse when she gets a phone call from her husband’s murderer, telling her to come to ‘Mujishi‘. However, the residents in Mujishi have been transformed into mutants after breathing in a strange dark smoke. There, Lee Hwa-Sun meets Yoo Tae-Han, an untroubled Mujishi native who upholds justice. Having quit the police due to a misunderstood scandal, he now works as a wreck-car driver. Together they must fight to survive and fight their fears to uncover the truth.

‘Dark Hole’ carries on the list of thrilling Korean dramas produced under OCN, so bars are set high for the drama. Kim Ok-Bin is also returning to the drama scene after a whole year, having last worked in, ‘Arthdal Chronicles Part 3: The Prelude To All Legends‘. We are anticipating seeing yet another marvelous performance for a promising plot.


Bossam: Steal The Fate


Cast: Kwon Yu-Ri, Jung Il-Woo, Shin Hyun-Soo

Genre: Historical Romance

Releasing: May 1, 2021

Watch at: Not available on online streaming services.

Synopsis: Bossam’ refers to the practice where a widow would be kidnapped in the middle of the night to be remarried to a single man. Among all the illegal activities Ba Woo engages in, his main job is to carry out Bossam – prohibited in the reign of King Gwanghae when women faced a lot of oppression. He hides his identity and lives in poverty to escape his fate as he was framed for conspiracy at a young age. Lives change when he accidentally kidnaps recently widowed Princess Soo-Kyung.

Jung Il-Woo returns to Saeguk with MBN‘s drama after working on several other historical Korean dramas, like ‘Haechi‘. He has been through a major transformation for this role, be it physically or emotionally. Girl’s Generation‘s Yuri takes on her first historical role as a princess. It’s only been April and she is already onto her second drama of the year after, ‘Breakup Probation, A Week‘. It’ll be worthwhile to see how this complex romance plot works out and how the drama addresses the issue of prejudice against women during the Joseon era.



Cast: Jeong Ji-So, Park Ji-Yeon, Lee Jun-Young, Jeong Yun-Ho

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Releasing: May 7, 2021

Watch at: Not available on online streaming services.

Synopsis: Tea Party isn’t a famous K-pop girl group but one of their members, Lee Ma-Ha is. She looks similar to the popular solo artist, La Ri-Ma who gets her media attention. At an idol sports reality event, Ma-Ha accidentally injures Hyuk, a member of a popular boy group, Shax. This makes Kwon Ryok, another member of Shax despise her and how she acts like Ri-Ma to gather attention. However, they keep crossing paths when they appear on the same TV shows and are cast in a drama together. Although, Lee Yu-Jin, Ma-Ha’s childhood friend and a member of the boy group Sparkling, believes Kwon Ryok has negative intentions and tries to keep Ma-Ha away from him.

This KBS drama is based on the webtoon of the same name and has a star-studded cast of idol actors from groups like ATEEZ (Yunho, Jongho, San, and Seonghwa), SF9 (Chani, Hwiyoung), T-ARA‘s Jiyeon, U-KISSs Jun, I.O.I‘s Nayoung and Boys Republic‘s Suwoong. While many will make their acting debut through the drama, the cast also includes Jeong Ji-So, known for her role in the Oscar-winning movie, ‘Parasite’. Moreover, KBS recently opened up social media accounts for the groups – Tea Party, Shax, and Sparkling, on Twitter and Instagram. The idols fans are already over the moon for the show!



Cast: Lee Bo-Young, Kim Seo-Hyung

Genre: Mystery Thriller

Releasing: May 8, 2021

Watch at: Netflix

Synopsis: Seo Hee-Soo and Jung Seo-Hyun are married to the sons of Hyo Won Group. While Hee-Soo gave up her former life as an actress to fit in as the daughter-in-law of the family, Seo-Hyun had to do very little to mold herself to belong, being the daughter of a chaebol family herself. These confident and ambitious women come together in this series to overcome society’s prejudices and find what’s truly theirs – their true selves.

The ensemble of elegant and charming women in the cast is what makes this tvN drama worth looking forward to. The recent phenomenal performances from Lee Bo-Young and Kim Seo-Hyung have been nothing but the best as well. Moreover, Kim Seo-Hyung is also known for her strong role in thrillers, like ‘Sky Castle‘. The cast also has VIXX‘s N (Cha Haknyeon) in a support role. It’s another gem in the list of women-driven dramas!


Doom At Your Service

Doom at your service

Cast: Park Bo-Young, Seo In-Guk, Lee Soo-Hyuk, Kang Tae-Oh, Shin Do-Hyun

Genre: Fantasy Romance

Releasing: May 10, 2021

Watch at: Viki

Synopsis: Tak Dong-Kyung’s life is ridden with bad luck. Her parents have passed away and just when she thought she has a stable hold on her life, she gets diagnosed with brain cancer. Blaming her life, she calls upon Myeol Mang, a doomed angel, all by chance. The angel proposes to grant her wishes and Dong-Kyung risks her everything to spend 100 days on her own terms.

The main leads Park Bo-Young and Seo In-Guk are making their comebacks after a whole year. They last starred in ‘Abyss’, although Seo In-Guk just had a guest role in it. Moreover, Seo In-Guk and Lee Soo-Hyuk are back together after more than six years since last starring in 2014 ‘High School King Of Savvy’! SF9’s Dawon is also in this tvN drama in a support role! We are extremely amped up to see such an amazing cast take over our screens once again!


There you have it, our picks for the most buzzed Korean dramas that are to be aired very soon! Built on an intriguing plot with a fabulous cast, these dramas are surely going to attain good viewership. Make sure to add these to your watch lists and enjoy them to the fullest when they air!


Which Korean dramas are you most excited for? Spill your thoughts in the comments!