There is something about the monsoons that brings out the romantic in us; maybe it is the idea of sharing a single umbrella between two, or cozying up together while the sky lights up with lightning, or just gazing out together at the rain while sharing a cup of coffee. Monsoons sure are a mood enhancer.

If you are a K-Drama fan, then these ones which have the rain playing an important role in the story, should be on your watch-list this monsoons.



Something in the rain

Rain is literally in the title. The ‘should I- shouldn’t I’, dilemma as Jung Haein tries to get closer to his older sister’s best friend, Son ye Jin, is sweet and innocent. And he gets the perfect opportunity when it starts to rain unexpectedly, and they share a single umbrella. The awkward first move, the heart fluttering skinship, it is all there in this drama. The rain and the umbrellas play an important role till the last episode. The chemistry between the lead couple is just so effortless and comfortable, that you can’t help falling in love with them. This noona romance pairs beautifully with a soft drizzle, and a cup of garam chai.


Secret Garden

This fantasy Rom-com, is about body switches. A rich boy, Hyun Bin, and a poor stunt woman, Ha Ji Won, know that their attraction is doomed to fail, considering their vast difference in financial and social status. They say, to really understand someone, you need to walk in their shoes for a mile. But better than walking in each other’s shoes, the lead couple switch bodies every time it rains! Hilarious scenes, brilliant misunderstandings, and some award winning acting makes this iconic drama a must watch. The rain has a pivotal role in the storyline, because every time it rains, there is a plot twist!


I am not a Robot

A young rich boy doomed to a life of loneliness, because he is fatally allergic to Human contact. Intrigued? He decides to buy a very expensive lifelike robot to be his companion, only hitch, the robot breaks down a day before delivery! Enters, real human girl, pretending to be a robot. It has some beautiful rain scenes. From an umbrella invention which becomes transparent at the touch of a button, so that you can see the rain falling, and then becomes opaque when you want to kiss under the umbrella. The rain and the umbrella play an important role in bringing about plot twists and creating emotional complications for the lead couple. Add to this the rich boy is played by swoon worthy Yoo Seung Ho, and his chemistry with Chae soo bin which could brighten even the greyest of monsoon days, and their steamy kisses will keep you warm through the rainy nights, makes this a monsoon pick.


She was pretty

Childhood pen friends re-unite after 15 years, but will they recognise each other? Not really, because they don’t look anything like they used to – the pretty girl is now a plain Jane , Hwang Jung eum, and the chubby boy, Park Seo Joon, is now rich, accomplished, good looking and above all, her boss . This K drama has all the clichés we love, the drunken soju scenes, the rich boy/poor girl complex, the boss-employee scenes, the makeover, the childhood first love and two strong love triangles. Rain again plays an important role in helping resolve feelings and unearthing hidden desires. I would watch this drama again for my major second lead syndrome, because Choi Siwon plays the cutest best friend a girl can have.

Angel’s last mission: love

A Fantasy Romantic Comedy, where an Angel (Kim Myung Soo) is sent down to earth to make a bratty and foul mouthed Ballerina (Shin Hye Sun), fall in love. But, while playing cupid, the angel himself falls in love with the ballerina. Ok, I am adding this k drama, not so much because of the rain connection, but because it is my favourite K darama at the moment, this has beautiful visuals, a charming lead couple who share an adorable chemistry. It is like a sweet cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on a softly drizzling monsoon morning. So, what is the rain connection? Every time it rains, the Angel sprouts his gorgeous angel wings, he even has to flee the scene immediately after his first kiss, because it starts to rain, and he flees before he transforms (Cinderella style). There is also a flashback on why he sprouts wings every time it rains.


Indian Monsoons and Korean dramas, they make for a heart fluttering combination. I hope you enjoy these dramas, and if you have watched them already, do share your views on which one is your perfect rain match. Do you have any other K drama recommendations for the monsoons?



Writer: Kuheli Bhattacharya

Kuheli Bhattacharya is a self confessed Drama Addict, having watched over 700 hours of K drama in the last 6 months itself. Her favourite K-Drama is Goblin. Her favourite K-pop band is EXO and her Bias is Chanyeol.