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Trigger warning the following content ahead might be sensitive to younger audiences.

The past months were full of overt accusations and speculations over the involvement of many celebrities in school violence. To know the intricacies of the matter, here is a list of all the celebrities that were and have been accused of school violence.

How it began!

The spark caught fire in the forest when the famous twin sisters and professional volleyball players, Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young were caught up in the bullying scandal.  The two posted an official apology on their Instagram accounts after Korea Volleyball Association(KFA) confirmed that they will be dropped from the national team for Olympic Games. Both the sisters played a pivotal role in qualifying South Korea’s team for Tokyo Olympics; following the backlash with over 120,000 signatures in a petition to the blue house, they had to give up the national team. The muckraking forest fire then burnt many celebrities with flames of speculation and controversy.

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Initial Rumours Surrounded Soojin Of (G)I-DLE

Accused of school violence, the member of (G)I-DLE, Soojin suffered a backlash from netizens. The volatile rumors spread further after her former school colleague, actress Seo Shin-ae posted “None of your excuse” on her SNS account. The Idol and her agency CUBE Entertainment in response denied the rumors and have since announced to take strict legal actions. Suffering negative response Korean make-up brand ‘Peripera’ has taken down Soojin’s pictures from social media.

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Soon Speculative Posts Came Against Mingyu Of Seventeen

Kim Min-gyu was rumored to be a perpetrator of mild violence in his junior high school but Pledis Entertainment denied all the false allegations after confirming it with the person involved.  Pledis issued an apology for not making a faster statement, with a detailed articulation of all the false allegations after checking the facts. Mingyu halted his activities as a label artist for a while, he also apologized to his fans for the dubious controversy and for putting his fans’ trust in a perilous position. On April 6, Pledis Entertainment shared an official statement about his return after successfully resolving the matter. Mingyu is currently on hot topics after his successful collaboration with group member Wonwoo & featuring LeeHi for their latest single ‘Bittersweet’.

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Kihyun Of Monsta X

For the case of Kihyun, the accuser was the same person that left malicious comments twice in the year 2015 and 2021. Starship Entertainment stated having a record of a written apology received from him in the past, however, after repetitive malevolent actions by the accuser, the agency has decided to take legal actions as an effort to protect their artist. The official statement denies all the accusations; the accuser stated having pictorial proof of Kihyun drinking and smoking with other school delinquents, however, after thorough fact-checking with the school staff and associated accuser, the agency completely denied Kihyun’s involvement in any bullying activities in the past.

Kihyun’s First Public Appearance Ever Since The Rumor Outbreak

Fans thorough support to Kihyun was the “bet bottom dollar” that even amidst the toxicity, the artist came out in public for the first time on March 6; in his concert he stated:

“Personally, I struggled to find the right words to say to Monbebes, and after thinking for a long time, I just thought that I should thank you all for the fact that I am able to be here today, singing and dancing as I am. Thank you for worrying about me, and I promise to do my best moving forward, including during our concert tomorrow.”

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HyunA was another K-Idol accused of school violence, she denied the rumors herself and her agency P Nation responded saying- We reiterate that HyunA never used violence against someone or caused harm, and the recent claims are not true.”


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Hwang Hyun-jin From Stray Kids

JYP Entertainment issued an investigation in response to the bullying, and verbal abuse accusations made against him, they claimed to “respond strongly against the dissemination of rumors”. Hyunjin himself apologized for the misunderstandings. Further Hyunjin’s accusations sparked a wave of criticisms amidst his fans who seemed disheartened by the JYPs statement and Hyunjin’s apology as they believed him to be innocent; “even after fact-checking the false allegations with teachers and alumnis’ who attended the same school, Hyunjin was made to apologize”- said one of the fans in her tweets. Since February 22nd, Hyunjin has been on hiatus, and even after 3 months, there is no official update to his return.  Angered fans in China have been rumored to give JYP an ultimatum by solemnly stating that they will no longer accept the company’s decision to remain silent on his return.

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Credits: JYP Entertainment

ITZY’s Lia

Another JYP artist that got caught up in the flames of speculation and bullying rumors was ITZY’s team member Lia. The agency denied the accusations stating “obvious false facts” and the case is currently said to be under investigation for defamation after the company sued the author for the dissemination of false information a year ago. ( Source [1], [2] )

Picture Credits: Blockberry Creative

Kim Ji-woo Also known As Chuu From LOONA

BlockBerry Creative, LOONA’s agency in response to the allegations denied the malicious rumors after suing the writer of the post, see the official statement here. Soon the original writer of the blog claiming to be the first person who accused Chuu of school violence posted another blog; The blog stated an exaggeration of his ill terms with the artist and the accusations to be completely untrue. Further, the writer said- “it was unexpected to see such an uproar and didn’t expect the news to get escalated this much.

Other artists accused of school violence included Aisha from Everyglow, Sunwoo of THE BOYZ, Kim Sohye from I.O.I, Park Cho-rong from A-pink.                                                                                                                                               Sources: [1],[2],[3],[4],[5]


Some more bullying allegations surrounded APRIL members when Lee Hyun-joo shared her traumatizing experience with the group. In response to her hearsay, DSP Media has decided to file a legal suit against Lee Hyun-joo and her family members. Following the scandalous news, Lee Na Eun, a member of APRIL, is officially confirmed to be replaced from the cast of the drama “Taxi Driver”, in concern of the public sentiment.

Back in 2020, Lee Ga Heun was accused of school violence, the actress gained notoriety after her appearance on ‘Heart Signal 3’, following severe backlash Lee Ga Heun has finally accepted the allegations in return by suing the accuser as a crime of defamation by the disclosure of what is true. Netizen backlash in regard to suing the victim and her audacity has resulted in a lot of criticism for Channel A demanding her removal from the upcoming show, Friends and also from the clothing brand itMICHAA, for which she has been a model.

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The wave of bullying allegations was not limited to K-Pop industry anymore after actor Kim Ji-soo pleaded guilty

Recently kicked out of the cast of the drama “River Where The Moon Rises” after more than 5000 netizens signed the petition to KBS for boycotting the series if-else. The actor was accused of severe bullying and sexual impropriety conducted against both male-female students, the list goes on for inciting his friends for violence, verbal abuse, threatening students, physical abuse, intimidations, insults, and promulgation of assault.

Official Statement in Regard to Ji-soo’s Case

Check the list of allegations here, his agency KeyEast responded saying “We apologize for causing concern to many people”, the entire official response can be read here, the agency mentioned paying great attention to attesting the truth behind each and every accusation; In their next official statement the agency narrated they have been personally contacting the victims of school violence, along with some “exaggerated and distorted” facts they denied all the rumors related to sexual violence. The actor himself posted a handwritten apology on his social media, despite the criticisms the exact degree of truth behind every accusation has not been confirmed. In May 2021, KeyEast announced that they have parted ways with the actor.


Other Artists

Some other actors in the list of school violence bruit, who vehemently denied the rumors with legal actions include Jo Byung-gyu (Source here), Kim Dong-hee (]Source here), Park Hye-soo (Source here), Dong ha- real name Kim Hyung kyu (Source here)


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Only one positive impact after recuperating over all the controversys’ is that Korean netizens have started giving serious consideration to the issue of school violence. Entertainment agencies have also decided to go under a thorough personality check before hiring artists in the future.

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