MFBTY was the breath of fresh air we needed during this unfortunate lock down period. The live concert was witnessed by viewers from not just India, but also from Singapore, Netherlands, Amsterdam, Pittsburgh, Turkey, etc.

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Tiger JK (@drunkentigerjk), Yoonmirae and Bizzy (@bizzionary) entertained their fans for special edition of #ArtistsWFH. On Friday 17 April, the legends took over the Rolling Stone India’s Instagram stories and gave us a tour of their Feel Ghood Music Studio. You can see a little snippet of the lively evening on the Feel Ghood Music’s Instagram page.


They serenaded the fans singing ‘Angel’ and shared the story behind the song. In the words of Tiger JK, “This song holds a special place because it was around 6 years ago while we were facing tough times, we had nothing and it felt like we hit the dead end with no way out. All we had was each other and music. Tasha had the hook ready, Me and Bizzy penned down the lyrics. The song was composed and hit NO.1 on Billboards chart and ‘Feel Ghood Music’ record label, was made”.


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Their story is nothing short of inspiring and gives us hope that we will indeed overcome every adversity we face. The live concert was more like an intimate gathering and jamming session, thoroughly enjoyed by fans. They sang a couple of more songs including, ‘Monster’ and it’s safe to say the fans were grooving to the sick beats and amazing performance.

The Indian fans’ hearts were filled with joy as the artists acknowledged them with the greeting ‘Namaste’. Not just that, but KPOP HIGH INDIA also received a shout-out from them, safe to say we are beyond happy too. Wait! wait! wait! there is more to this… MFBTY said they would love to visit India and in fact India is one of the countries they intended to visit this year!

Wouldn’t it be amazing to watch them perform live in India? Would you Join us for an MFBTY concert?

Tiger JK’s heart touching message for the fans “We had a great time and I can’t thank you guys enough. We really hope that you guys get through this. Stay strong, stay safe and let us all try to help each other and pull each other up when we are down.”

It proved to be a fun filled evening, after all what better than jamming with one of the biggest names in the Korean hip hop scene. Despite the initial problems faced due to technical difficulties the fans stayed throughout the live stream and vibed with their beloved artists.

Thank you to MFBTY and Rolling Stone India for an unforgettable happy hour amidst all the chaos! We know you couldn’t see us but we were headbanging and cheering out loud!