Korean India Duolingo

According to the 2021 Duolingo Language Report which reports the language-learning pattern of its vast 500 Million+ global learners, India has seen a major shift in the learning attitude and pattern this year. With the influx of the influence of Hallyu wave in the country in the form of K-Pop, K-Dramas like Squid Games, K-Food, etc., the yearning to learn the Korean language has grown in the Indian Language enthusiasts!


Korean which has also bagged the 7th spot on the most popular language to study around the world list of 2021, has also been announced as the fastest-growing language in India and other regions like France, Brazil, Germany, etc. It has also bagged the 5th spot Duolingo revealed, coming in afterEnglish, French, Spanish, and Hindi, which were the top 4 languages that Indian learners were eagerly learning this year.


The Report also claims that the Indian youth learners, belonging to the age group of 17-25, are the ones majorly responsible for this shifting interest towards the Korean language. The youth have, after all, are the ones been most attracted to and influenced by the surging Hallyu wave! With Korean language bagging the fastest-growing and 5th spot in India, the day doesn’t seem to be far when Korean will also feature in the Top 3 most learned languages in India.


What do you think of this news of Korean language learning in India? Had you seen the Duolingo Report already?
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