On the 3rd of August 2020, South Korean ambassador to India Shin Bong-kil informed media that Seoul is thinking about extending a hand in establishing a Korean language institute in New Delhi.
Recently we saw that the New Education Policy (NEP) has introduced Korean as one of the language options for secondary school. The ambassador also mentions how he sees the further shed a positive light on The Indo-Korean relationship.
In an exclusive interview with ANI
“Happy to hear the Korean language will be offered at the secondary level, it was reported heavily in Korean media. The Korean government is thinking of giving extensive help and establishing a Korean language institute in Delhi” he said.

(source Times of India)

He further added that this decision will present people who learn the language the opportunity to work for Korean companies such as Samsung or LG. He also mentioned the recent teaching of Hindi in South Korean institutions and that Hindi may become a very important language globally soon.
With more candidates interested in the language we can assume that this project is sure to he very successful and bring a deeper connection not only between India and South Korea but between fans and their idols too.