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oceanfromtheblue is a South Korean R&B singer-songwriter that debuted in 2018. He quite recently came back with his 6th EP, ‘Messages’ and the title tracks ‘Talk !’ and ‘Wings (Like Sisqo)’. With a total of 9 tracks, the dynamic EP is like the breadcrumbs in ‘Hansel and Gretel.’ He wants to guide his listeners and help them make decisions when they’re stuck in certain situations. 

The pre-release single ‘Heaven’ is an antiromantic song that talks about how freeing it is after one breaks up, that it feels like they’re in heaven. Before releasing the R&B EP full of soulful beats and intoxicating tempos, he also teased the track ‘For Myself’. He realised that he was spending his energy on other things and the people around him. So, with ‘For Myself,’ he wanted to take a step back and focus on himself.

It is also worth noting that despite his unique stage name, oceanfromtheblue actually doesn’t like the ocean. But he wanted his name to give us a glimpse into his style of music. The deeper one goes in, the darker the ocean gets, and that’s what he feels his music is like. 

With the release of ‘Messages’ on 15th July, 2021, he finally had a comeback after his latest EP ‘Luv-fi’ which was in 2020. And KHIGH got the chance to interview him where he spoke about the music-making process of ‘Messages’ and the type of projects he would like to do in the future.

Before we get into the interview, here’s a message from oceanfromtheblue to the readers of KHIGH.

Source: @fromtheblue3 on Twitter

KHIGH: Congratulations on your latest album ‘Messages.’ It’s so soothing and full of messages for the listeners. So, what would you say is the concept for the album?

oceanfromtheblue: First of all, I’d like to thank you for this interview opportunity, and thank you for your congratulation message😊. The concept of this EP is ‘Messages.’ It combines all the positive feelings that I’ve experienced in my life. I’ve made it aiming and hoping for listeners to take this EP as if they are reading supportive messages.


KHIGH: You said that life experiences inspire you. What kind of experiences inspired you for this album?

ocean: I usually talk a lot about love, but this time I’ve included a lot of stories about my family and my own love.


KHIGH: This album has two title tracks ‘Talk !’ and ‘Wings (Like Sisqo)’. What made you select these two as the title tracks?

ocean: I thought ‘Talk !’ is the most enjoyable-vibe track that would also play a central role in this EP. I also thought ‘Wings (Like Sisqo)’ as a key track because it contains the meaning of unravelling hard times beautifully and moving forward.

Source: @oceanfromtheblue on Instagram

KHIGH: Two of your tracks, ‘Dear’ and ‘Messages’ feature recordings of your parents. The way you incorporated them into the melody is so cool. How did you go about it?

ocean: I went to see my parents and talked about this – that I’d like to include their voices. But I didn’t want the conversation to become too formal, so I didn’t tell them any details such as its release date.

When it came to the recording session, I turned on the phone in speaker mode and used the microphone that I normally use, and I added a beat to recreate all the works. Though they were hesitant at first, my parents really liked it after its release.


KHIGH: You started singing when you were 12. But what got you into the music-making process?

ocean: I wasn’t satisfied with just singing. I started composing because I had this desire to let people listen to my own song.


KHIGH: You’ve had so many successful collaborations. Fans loved the songs featuring MRSHLL, Samuel Seo and BUMKEY. Which artists would you like to work with next?

ocean: I was very happy that I could collaborate with those artists that I always wanted to, on this album. And I’d like to work with more diverse genres of artists in the future, beyond R&B.

Source: @oceanfromtheblue on Instagram

KHIGH: Congratulations on your first K-drama OST (original soundtrack) ‘I Wish’. It was such a beautiful and romantic ballad. What was that experience like? As an artist what kind of projects do you want to take on in the future?

ocean: I got a great opportunity to participate in a drama OST by chance and it was an experience that opened up a new path for my musical career. I’d like to work on a lot of tracks like ‘I Wish’ that the public would like.


KHIGH: Which songs of yours would you recommend to a first-time listener? 

ocean: girl’ and ‘i am’.

KHIGH: You have a very close bond with Fishes, your fans. They must mean a lot to you, right?

ocean: I’d say that they are like a nest where birds can take a rest while flying. When I’m working or lonely, I try to communicate with fans to get rid of negative feelings. They are like a second family.


KHIGH: Lastly please say a few words for Fishes worldwide. 

ocean: You already know what I’m gonna say! Love you so much! Please enjoy this interview! Thanks 🙂 🐟💙


We loved this melodic EP full of experimental tracks with various lo-fi melodies and calming vocals that made us feel like we’re in R&B heaven. Listen to oceanfromtheblue’s latest EP, ‘Messages’ on: Spotify | iTunes

Watch the music video for ‘Talk !’ below: 

Have you heard oceanfromtheblue’s latest EP? Which track was your favorite? What was your favorite part of the interview? Let us know in the comments below.

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