Fashion and K-pop go hand in hand. Idols have inspired millions of people to try new things and express themselves through clothing. Some styles such as harnesses and mixed plaids are entirely associated with the music genre.

Idols are not only known for their stage outfits but their personal styles as well, with their high fashion ensembles and perfectly unique accessories. So seeing as recently the trends at Paris are looking slightly east word for their inspiration, the likes of Dior using Ikkat, it’s no surprise that, what has trickled down is the ‘Desi’ look in a lot of fashion labels internationally.

Now by no means do we mean that these things are in FACT Desi, but we can let our imagination run sometimes.

We don’t claim to own any of the images, all images credited to their respective owners.


#1 BTS’s J-hope in this matching set on SNL(2019):

The length of the shirt, the colours, the little west, the fabrics all scream ‘Bhangra’ in this LV ss19 set straight off the runway.


#2 Ateez’s Mingi in Kolhapuris?

If you don’t know what these are, they are a type of Indian slipper that is made in the city of Kolhapur, Maharashtra. We all appreciate that cream and brown are a perfectly splendid combination!


#3 Twice’s Momo in this stunner

If this ain’t the ultimate kurta look we would go for the last minute. Pretty and put together.


#4 Stray Kids in these custom ‘fits for ‘Back Door’

The paisley Buta is a favourite among everybody. Lee Know’s 2000’s short kurta silhouette and Felix’s shirt stand out to be the most ‘Desi’ but we love a mix with the Hanboks!

#5 NCT royalty

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine a Maharaj, you’re probably going to see this image of NCT after this. On a more serious note though, the layered necklaces and colourful clothing is reminiscent of Indian royalty, agreed?

#6 Chungha in these Chandelier earrings

How gorgeous are these blue earrings paired with the silver wear and her short hair? Stunning!

#7 Park Bo Gum in Record of Youth

This white Isabel Marant shirt with the blue embroidery is such a summer Desi fit! The neckline and mid-thigh length are very kurta- like.

#8 Park Shin Hye in Memories of Alhambra

A lot of her shirts in this show were knee-length and gave us very Desi student vibe, but this specific piece from Isabel Marant stood out the most.


Bonus: Seo Yeji in Minju Kim

‘The skirt reminds of the South Indian ‘pavada‘ because of the shape, the cropped blouse is a nice modern take on it!’ – quoted from a reader.

We also thought it reminded us of the combo of shirts with lehengas that a lot of Bollywood stars are seen often in.


When it comes to fashion we’re all looking for inspiration, but look no further when we have our ‘favs‘ giving us exactly what we need to fit in and stand out simultaneously. What K-star’s outfits have you found Desi? Let us know!