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After bringing the Hallyu fans a fabulous Virtual K-Food series in June, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) has now launched an online engagement initiative called “KXperience” (https://www.kxperience.bookmyshow.com). The event which starts from 17th September 2021 and lasts upto 15th November 2021, will be a specially curated series of K-Experiences that will bring Korea right to the doorsteps of the tied-to-home travel enthusiasts and K-Lovers in India.

Bringing to its Indian consumers a perfect escapade to the country also known as the Land of Morning Calm, KXperience will cover all things Korean: K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Food, and K-Beauty. The event will be a blend of audio-visual experiences, a pan-India social media contest called the ‘The K-Challenge’, surveys with possible rewards, and special discounted offers.


Event Details


Manifesting the K-Pop experience of the event is a Bollywood x K-Pop dance fusion. This part of the event is all about how rising Korean artist, AleXa is pleasantly surprised by the choreography put together and performed by renowned dancer-singer, Shraey Khanna and his crew of her latest single, ‘Xtra’. It boasts of a stunning mix of K-Pop, Urban, Bollywood, and MJ styles of dancing.



For the K-Beauty part, KTO brings to its audience a K-Beauty talk studio session in collaboration with Innisfree. The session will be an exciting and informative sharing of Korean skincare tips and regimes for all the K-Beauty enthusiasts in India.



The K-Drama experience also consists of a K-Drama talk studio session with some of India’s admired personages, hailing from all fields of work. It will bring to the audience a fun compilation of tales and thoughts, highly relatable to all quotidian watchers of K-Dramas in India.



The K-Food part of KXperience will be an engrossing cooking session where illustrious Bollywood actress, Janhvi Kapoor, will challenge herself to cook a heartwarming Korean meal.

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The K-Challenge

Tying these varying threads of KXeprience together is “The K-Challenge” – a virtual,  pan-India social media contest powered by BookMyShow. K-Challenge is all about re-creating (in one’s own way) the experiences undergone – K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Food, and K-Beauty, and sharing them on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc. The winners will be rewarded with great prizes like Samsung phones, tablets, and KXperience boxes.


K-Travel & Special Offers 

Aside from these main elements of KTO’s KXperience, the event also comprises a bestowal of amazing special offers and discounts on various Korean products and online culture courses, and a K-Travel survey where respondents will get a chance to win Korean goody bags. KTO also will be aiming for an enjoyable virtual travel tour to Korea.



This maps out the entire event of the first-ever online engagement initiative celebrating the coming of the Hallyu wave and of Korea to India. It’s another step forward in the goal of fastening tighter the link that connects India with Korea, and enthusiastic Indian K-Lovers are probably already rejoicing the expedition planned.


Are you eagerly awaiting for the KXpereince to commence? Which segment of the event planned by KTO, are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments.
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