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Today I am bringing you a few of my favourite KPOP X Indian dance fusion covers! We need more of these types of dance covers too! The traditional dances like Kathak, Bharatnatyam fit so well with these songs! Kathak and Bharatnatyam are known to have sharp lines and vibrant expressions. The meaning of the KPOP song is beautifully translated into these dances as well. Don’t believe me? Have a look for yourself!


First, I would like to start with two of my favourite BTS Dance covers.

The first one is by Bhat Sisters. They performed Kathak to the tunes of Black Swan. When I spoke to them about the inspiration behind such a fusion, they said,

“Originally when I heard the song Anpanman, I thought it was absolutely perfect for a bollywood choreography. My friends agreed and we decided to do an impromptu choreography video to the same. Since then we’ve been trying our best to add an Indian twist to all of BTS’ songs. With Black Swan, it’s a song about a dancer’s passion. The music and the lyrics really hit hard. My sister and I have been doing kathak since a really young age and our mum’s a kathak teacher too. So we really felt this song was fitting for us to try and do a kathak fusion to. “

Adding further to this, they mentioned that since they are currently in different cities, it has been difficult to shoot a dance cover together. But well, don’t be sad viewers because they are dropping a fusion dance cover on Dynamite soon! *두곤두곤* 

Watch their dance cover on Black Swan here:


Next up is another BTS dance fusion cover by Classical SiS. They perform Bharatnatyam on the song IDOL. Not only K-Pop, but they have also performed dance covers on the Marathi hit song Jhingaat as well. They have quite an array of different dance covers.

You can watch their dance cover video of BTS IDOL here: 


Next on my list is a dance cover by Tanvi Karekar. She performs a Bharatnatyam cover on the hit song of BLACKPINK ‘KILL THIS LOVE’. With over 57 thousand subscribers on YouTube, she has posted a lot of dance cover videos and tutorials!

You can watch her dance cover video on KILL THIS LOVE by BLACKPINK here.


We have seen dance covers on a song with lyrics and music. But what about a dance cover on only music? Intrigued? So, here is a short Bharatnatyam dance cover on the Instrumental version of Overdose by EXO. Priya and Priyanka Thomas have performed this dance cover.

You can watch their video here:


That’s it from my side for today! Let’s all unwind and have some fun. Do watch these videos and show them your love!

Which Indian dance style would you like to see performed on a KPOP Song? Do you have any other favourite fusion dance covers? Let us know in the comment section!

Written by

Nandini Iyengar

An aspiring translator and a writer!