Last month, on July 19th, the IndHangul team, a KPOP and KDRAMA interest group based in Bangalore, organized a fun activity-filled event named “KPOPELLA”. The fest saw a huge response from the KPOP and KDRAMA fans in Bangalore. Samsung Opera House was the venue for their event. All in all, the event was a huge success and even after almost a month after the event, the energy is still visible. To know what events and activities were held, read below to find out.


The team wanted to organize an event for the summer since they always plan to do activities for the fans, this time they wanted to do something, a little different from what they usually do, and so that’s how the K-Popella event came into being.



The event saw a lot of interesting activities like screening of KBS music bank, games, performances including dancing and singing, etc. They also had a lot of games planned, one major hit was the “Guess the KPOP songs with emojis”.


The Bangalore event saw a whopping 150+ attendance. “We had an overwhelming response! We weren’t really expecting such a huge response from everyone. We were planning for limited seats but we had so many DMs coming up requesting us if any seats were available!” – Team IndHangul

“The Samsung authorities were pretty overwhelmed with the audience’s reaction. They were amazed to see such a hyped crowd. They weren’t anticipating anything of this level” Team concluded.



KHigh: Any parting message on the rise of KPOP/Kdramas in India?

IH: K-POP and Kdrama is a huge sensation and it gives us immense joy to know that it has reached Indian shores as well. The young generation is taking a positive message from KPOP and we can see so much love and positivity amongst the fans. I hope more and more people get to realize the beauty in it and parents can also support their kids!




Writer: Nandini Iyengar