You don’t have to be a middle-aged Indian to know about the channel Doordarshan and how legendary it is. They are one of the largest and oldest broadcasting companies of our country and recently, much to the surprise and happiness of K-Pop stans, they aired the music video of “Be The Change” ft. IN2IT, AleXa and DREAMCATCHER.

The collaboration between the 3 groups was a song to encourage people to stay safe during these hard times of COVID-19, assuring us that we are strong enough to beat it. Doordarshan aired the video a few days ago and K-Pop stans viewing the channel were quick to spread the word about it!



The hashtag #KpopLovesDoordarshan trended last night (23rd July 2020) on Twitter, with the tweets full of love and appreciation towards Doordarshan for catering to their audience that loves Korean music and Korean Dramas. A bunch of enthusiastic kpoppers even tagged the channel in tweets recommending songs and dramas and asking for more content like that.

Previously, Doordarshan has played Feel Special by Twice on new year’s eve last year in their ABU TV song festival and K-Dramas like “Jewel Of The Palace” and Emperor Of The Sea (Hindi dubbing).

Having a channel Doordarshan acknowledge Indian kpop and kdrama is a truly a big deal. Let’s keep spreading the love and positivity and hope that one day soon, we will have more Korean content on TV!