KTO K-Food Janhvi

When Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO India) decided to team up with Discovery+ as part of their “everything Korean” event, theKXperience, Indian K-Enthusiasts and foodies caught a lovely whiff of the Korean cuisine.

KTO x Disocvery+ brought in the popular Bollywood actress, Janhvi Kapoor on a show called ‘Star Vs Food’ and displayed to the Indian viewers how their favorite celebrity cooks up two heartwarming Korean delicacies for her friends. The joyful and chirpy actress opens the series bouncing to a comic remix of “Let’s Cook” in Korean after which she rushes to join JW Marriott executive chef, Mr. Abhishek Basu who is to guide Janhvi on her K-Food cook that day.


The duo selects 2 simple- yet-flavorful Korean dishes recommended by K-Pop star AleXa herself – Bibimbap (vegetarian version) and Hameul Pajeon (Korean scallion pancake). Getting started on Bibimbap, the two offer the viewers a glimpse of the various colorful and assorted ingredients that go into the dish and lend it its appealing kaleidoscopic hues and flavor. The scenes of well-seasoned sautéed vegetables and aromatic seasonings can make even the viewers’ mouths water just looking at their screens.

Heading on to the next dish, the viewers see a freezing Janhvi gathering sea ingredients like Mussels and Prawns from the freezer room before moving on to the actual cooking of the Scallion pancake. Another savory homemade dish, Hameul Pajeon will get the seafood-loving viewers, vowing to make it at home after watching an excited-yet-unsure Janhvi try to make one.

The episode wraps up with a gathering of all of Janhvi’s friends who savor the delightful taste of delectable Korean cuisine. This wholesome ending of an exciting K-Food journey of an Indian celeb is sure to make Indian viewers aware and eager for some Korean food themselves – fulfilling the aim of KTO’s KXperience.

Indian consumers however have more than just the episode to be stimulated by, as KTO also has a social media contest called ‘The K-Challenge’ which welcomes them to cook a dish inspired by the episode or a dish from the book, ‘Korean Cooking for Indian Homes’. The participants are requested to post videos/pictures of these on their social media and add in compulsory hashtags – #KXperience , #mykchallenge_kfood​ . You can also use #KTOxKHIGH and tag our official handles. The winners will be rewarded with more than just cheers – a lot of amazing gifts await them too!

A celebration of the ever-rising Hallyu wave in India, KXperience by KTO with its series of K-Food, K-Pop, K-Drama, K-Beauty, and more, hence aims to bring this joy of indulging in Korean culture to every Indian household possible.


Excited to view and whip up your own K-Food delicacy for The K-Challenge of KTO? What dish do you have in mind? Let us know in the comments.
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