The Korea Tourism Organization India (KTO India) is hosting a Virtual K-Food series for Indian K-Food enthusiasts. The organization has decided to conduct the project over the span of 5 days – from May 31st till 4th June 2021 on their Facebook social media handle.

KTO India has hence determined to put out exhortations of 3 major Indian culinary influencers as they present on a plate the delight of Korean Cuisine and share their link with K-Food, through the virtual medium. These macro-influencers include food connoisseurs and explorers, Rocky& Mayur, Indian celebrity chef and restaurateur, Chef Kunal Kapur, and Digital star and founder of Your Food Lab, Chef Sanjyot Keer.

From Left, going Clockwise: Chef Sanjyot Keer, Chef Kunal Kapur, and duo Rocky& Mayur.


KTO India had worked closely with these renowned influencers to shoot videos, which they plan to release in a “one video a day” arrangement to engage maximum K-Food enthusiasts in India throughout the project period. After the inauguration of the project on 31st May, KTO India will be posting its first video which will be of Chef Kunal Kapur on 1st June 2021, to kickstart the project. The other 2 project videos will follow in the next 2 days – Rocky & Mayur’s on 2nd June and Chef Sanjyot Keer on 3rd June 2021. These project videos will be made available for viewers on KTO’s Facebook handle; the links to which will also be shared on KTO’s Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The last day of the project (4th June) is for thanking and rewarding the avid viewers of KTO India’s Virtual K-Food Series and will feature a Quiz based on the content discussed in the 3 Macro Influencer Videos released the days before. The winners will be decided through a lucky draw.


With such an exciting virtual series to grace the Indian K-Food enthusiasts’ homes and spread the mutual joy felt by each as they indulge in Korean Food, Indian foodies need to gear up and stay tuned to KTO India’s social media platforms. KTO India will soon be releasing more details regarding the Virtual K-Food series.


Are you a K-Food enthusiast? Which is your favorite Korean dish to make at home? What do you think the Virtual K-Food series will be all about? Are you already too excited for 31st May to come? Spill your thoughts in the comments.